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Adult dating in chamberlain south dakota

Master of Science Thesis, Universite des Sciences et Techniques due Languedoc.

Etude biogeochimique de restes fossils du Geiseltal, de Rancho de Brea et de Teghenif: Extraction et caracterisation de leur matiere organique. Fauna of the Little Box Elder Cave, Converse County, Wyoming.

Body mass and locomotor adaptations in large extinct and extant carnivores.

Chapter 8: Perspectives on Quaternary Beetles and Climate Change.

Multiple causes of high extinction rates in large mammal species.

Morphometric analysis of Rancho La Brea felid ilia.

Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California, 9(3), 236-243.

Application of Metagenomics for identification of novel petroleum hydrocarbon degrading enzymes in natural asphalts from the Rancho La Brea tar pits.

Microevolution of Jaw Shape in the Dire Wolf, Canis dirus, at Rancho La Brea.

Doctoral dissertation, University of Southern California.

Advances and results in radiocarbon dating: Early man in America.

Comparative bite forces and canine bending strength in felines and sabertooth felids: implications for predatory ecology.

Phylogeny of the great cats (Felidae: Pantherinae), and the influence of fossil taxa and missing characters.

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