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Alliance people dating

The following statistics offer a sobering reminder of the reality of the costs of violence–financial, human, physical and emotional.May we all remember that behind every statistic is a human being.Private sector spending on violence containment is conservatively estimated to be 5 billion.The remaining amount is spent by state and local governments on police, justice, corrections, and other security measures.IEP research shows that in 2010, the Violence Containment Industry (VCI) accounted for .16 trillion, or around 15 percent of U. When adding up the concrete costs to the average American taxpayer it is estimated that violence containment spending costs ,000 for every man, woman and child each year.

[The Economic Value of Social and Emotional Learning, February 2015, Center for Benefits-Cost Studies in Education, Teachers College, Columbia University] • Washington State Life Skills Training programs in schools (Social and Emotional Learning) show that for a per student cost, benefits are around 90 — a 60 value.Mixed in are also some encouraging stats that speak to solutions.These are the kinds of programs and ideals we need to increase our collective investments in. The cost to victims was estimated at more than 0 billion per year. stood at 11.0 per 100,000 compared to France (0.6 per 100 000), Germany (0.8 per 100 000), the United Kingdom (0.9 per 100 000) and Japan (0.4 per 100 000).These figures are likely to underestimate the final figure, as many items could not be counted.Read the full report here • The 20th century was one of the most violent periods in human history.

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The federal government spends more than state or local authorities or the private sector on violence containment spending—over $1.3 trillion, or approximately 9 percent of GDP in 2010.

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