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After 30 minutes of struggling to get the food down I was sure I was going to have to visit the E. But after only a few moments of resting in the squat position I could feel my esophagus working its magic.Shortly thereafter I took a swig of water and without any difficulty, the food had passed.My logic in doing this was that paleolithic man did not sit upright at a table while eating.He likely hovered over his fresh kill or collection of berries and ate while squatting.As time went on I’ve come to believe that marriage isn’t for anybody.Neither the church nor the state can keep two people who want nothing to do with each other together.Had I been an anarchist at the time I would have chosen neither the church nor the state as a nuptial authority.I’ve long believed that marriage isn’t for everybody.

But in the historically understood, biological definition of monogamy, humans by-and-large do not mate with one, and only one, person their entire life, at least not without great difficulty.

A lesser known, but perhaps equally important, routine for paleolithic man was the act of squatting. Several years ago I began to develop an extreme discomfort during bowel movements. All the while I couldn’t help but to think that I was doing something wrong. One day, after a relatively frustrating bathroom experience, I decided to do some serious research. I had discovered the health benefits of the squatting position. Reflecting further upon the benefits of squatting it seemed to me to be the natural position adopted during childbirth, at least by paleolithic woman.

Surely, ancestral women were not forced to fight gravity while laying on their backs in an inclined position! The first instance of a lifelong malady would occur during lunch.

Claimed health benefits include reduced blood pressure, reduced back pain, increased balance, and more.

However, despite my faith in the efficacy of the caveman diet and primal footwear I have yet to experiment with either. Since the day of its arrival in the mail I have not once returned to the sitting position, not even during travel.

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Watching his videos on polyamory I couldn’t help but to think that this very nondescript looking individual, much like Molyneux, had some very poignant views to share concerning love and human sexuality.

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