Bookworms dating bookworms dating dating woman handle dating beautiful woman

Bookworms dating bookworms dating dating woman

When you date the girl who reads, you date the girl who’s learned about different cultures, traveled through time, solved murder mysteries and so much more—when you find this girl, she will prove to you time and time again the many reasons why you should always date the girl who reads.

A girl who reads is constantly on a quest for adventures -- both in her books and in her life.

much better than the movies, but that doesn't mean we won't watch them anyway and buy them when it becomes available. If that movie happens to based on a book (that we haven't read yet), we'll need a Not only will we want to drag you along to see all the film adaptations with us, we will then expect you to listen throughout as we groan about every little thing that they changed, left out, or completely ruined.

While chocolate and flowers are admirable to many, the girl who reads is more easily impressed by symbolic gestures of affection and the meaning and thought behind tokens and affection.

While big teddy bears and fancy gifts are pleasing to the eyes, women who read seek romance that is pleasing to the mind.

She’ll go out with you, but a girl who reads will also see the value of staying in, getting cozy and having deep, meaningful conversations.

The girl who reads has big dreams, and while others may tell her they are unrealistic, she knows that real life is far more unpredictable than fiction.

The girl who reads is also the girl who seeks to make her life mimic the glamorized ones in the tales that she reads.

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