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Breast size dating

I have to be crazy about the man it belongs to before I get crazy about his penis. No man would refuse to date or sleep with a woman because her boobs were too big or too small.Penis can be easily substituted for (sorry), there has to be more there. But if some girls are talking and one says that Johny has a little dick, all the girls who heard it, instantly write Johny of regardless if they were interested in him or not.The whole point of breasts is to feed babies, not for the pleasure of men.(I hope one day to be mature enough to say that with a straight face.) In all seriousness though, any statement that begins with “All [fill in race] have big/small [whatever]” is probably racist and not totally accurate.One of the editors of 8Asians wanted me to end this article in the following manner: “I wasn’t able to come to a final conclusion due to the lack of research.Assume for the sake of conversation we're not talking about a penis that's so small you can't even functionally have any intercourse at all.

If you are looking to go from an A cup to a B cup, or for a more drastic change, there are many options for you.She had managed to have two lovely daughters and was a grandmother, so I guess they served their purposes. It's men who talk about things like breast size, ass shape, and bounce. If I don't like anything else about him, it won't matter what kind of penis he has. A friend of mine in college was dating this really tall guy, and she literally cried when she first saw his dick because she couldn't imagine how they would ever have sex.And so concludes my talk about breasts and how they much they matter. Women usually gossip about technique: if he's a good kisser, if he's good in bed, if he gives amazing back rubs, etc. She was a virgin and very petite, even shorter than me (only 5'0"), and she could tell, just by looking at it, that sex with him would be painful. I don't scout too much in the breast department and don't miss 'em if they aren't prominent. Women don't get to see the form of our cocks inside our pants under normal social situations but I think that they think penis more than I think tit.Since I’ve already written articles about Asian men and penis size and about Asian women and vagina size, I figured I might as well go for the trifecta and write about Asian woman and breast size.So do Asian women have the smallest breasts of all the races? Or rather, I should write, nothing I would bet my life on or cite with confidence.

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I could say the same thing about African American women, Caucasian women, and Latinas that I know.

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