Conslidating debt

Conslidating debt

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Here’s some information for you : Applications for finance are subject to Newcastle Permanent's normal credit approval process. Here's some more information for you: This enquiry does not constitute a loan or pre-approval.

By consolidating your debts, you’ll have just one single repayment to think about, removing unnecessary stress and hassle. Find out how much you owe on each debt, how much interest you currently pay and any additional fees that may apply.

This will give you a good idea on whether a personal loan will help out your financial situation.

Manage your debts more easily and pay them off quicker by consolidating them with our award-winning personal loans.

Having multiple loan repayments to look after cannot only be a headache to manage, but can also mean you may be paying unnecessary interest and fees. Before you begin, it’s worth having a look at your whole financial situation, especially what debts you have owing – like your credit cards or car loan.

Click here to complete a learning activity called NEEDS vs.

WANTS Distinguishing between NEEDS and WANTS can be difficult especially when you have the ability to put whatever you want on a credit card and “pay for it later.” Keeping yourself out of debt means that you only purchase those things you can pay for with cash, or if you use a credit card, you can pay off the balance each month.

Do you have a lot of debt and can’t seem to get your arms around it? If you cannot transfer all of the balances to one credit card, you should pay off the lowest balance as soon as you can.You should consider the following: The key to reducing your interest is to either consolidate your loans or refinancing where you can to obtain a lower rate on your loans. Again, the key here is to limit your spending once you pay off these cards…or close them and cut them up. Consider transferring your credit card debt to a lower interest debt consolidation loan.When you have a lower interest rate, you will naturally pay less in interest. If you have equity in your home, consider transferring your personal debt to a home equity line of credit or home equity loan.The most important thing you can do to eliminate debt is to do something.Don’t be overwhelmed and just leave it…do something today.

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You may be able to get a lower rate or get into a fixed rate loan that you couldn’t before.

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