Consolidating email accounts to gmail sim dating school games

I would never trust my email to a third party for safekeeping. Note that it only checks the Inbox and not the Spam folder. But that is moot now -since has since been merged with AOL Mail. The best feature in Gmail, in my opinion, is the ability to *send* from various accounts."EDITOR'S NOTE: Gmail's import feature DOES bring in mail from other accounts. Once registered (see the settings tabs) you can receive forwarded email from other accounts and send email that looks like it came from those accounts.But I can use that label to go back and read that mail at my leisure.The same can be done for your mailing list accounts, using the I do this with multiple gmail accounts. That account will no longer sound a notification, nor show up in the notification bar.

Gmail cant go out and grab email from all webmail accounts. EDITOR'S NOTE: Gmail's import feature DOES bring in mail from other accounts. I am confused - why not use an email client like Thunderbird to bring in all this mail?

I use this feature to get my work emails and emails from five different accounts all coming into my main account. A better setup is AFTER you get everything into Gmail is to then go to each account you collect from and set them to automatically forward all email to the main Gmail address and shut off their Spam Filters .

Of course then you shut off Gmail's option to go get the mail and you are relying on Gmails very good spam filter. I am thinking of opening a an IMAP account with my main ISP so that I can keep my stuff backed up off-site as well as being able to get to it from anywhere at anytime.

I'd like to consolidate the filters, labels, and of course, all the messages, from two different Gmail accounts into one Gmail account.

And I would like to preserve the labels I have affixed to hundreds, nay, thousands of archived messages.

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