Dangers with internet dating

Perfectly normal people choose to date online, it’s not just for lonely hearts. or Mrs Right, we should be completely aware of the dangers of Internet dating. It must be kept in mind that you could face two dangers at the same time. theft will also help prevent you falling victim to other scams.

Chances are you know at least one happy couple who met in this way. Of course, this is true also of meeting someone offline, but when we meet someone offline we usually meet them through friends or through a business connection. Someone could cheat you out of your money and then go on to steal your identity with information they have gained from you. Nobody goes looking to meet romantic partners online and expects to meet someone living on the same block.

Today I found a repeat of the same internet dating scam connected to oil rigs.

Many of us find that the pace of life today and the hours that we work, make it difficult to meet that certain someone.

Our daily lives do not bring us into contact with enough potential partners.

If your prospective partner asks you to cash in a cashier’s check for any reason, do not do it, treat the request as a red flag, a very big red flag.

Usually fake cashier’s check scams are pulled by fraudsters living abroad, but not always so.

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The check they send will be for far more than the price of the air fair. With information they have gained from you sending them money and from other personal information they may have obtained from you, the same scammer could commit identity theft against you.

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