Dating a man with teen children

Dating a man with teen children

He claims not to be a "planner" so he can't seem to give me his next available date that we can be together.I asked him 7 days ago, when we can see each other next and he can't seem to get an answer to me. Or is this just the way it is when you date a man with kids? You have every right to put the brakes on and say you want to slow down.:confused: No, you are not being unreasonable about this guy. You have been only dating five months and he is wanting "another level" and to date "exclusively" already. This is your life and he needs to respect your feelings.You hear warning bells going off and wonder if it is just you. Yes, I think you are smart in wondering if he is asking for too much right now. If he resorts to making light of that, then you know he is not into the relationship for the right reasons.will give you the opportunity to do fun activities that you haven’t done since you were itty-bitty. Your man will be more adult-like and mature since he has a child... Also, in the beginning of your relationship, it’s natural to feel a little resentment towards the child and his or her mother. You’re probably used to your boyfriends being all about you.

I'm in a very new relationship with this guy who has a 9 year old daughter. After a while I think that sounds corny and I look uninterested. Ok I am dating a man with 2 kids from 2 different women.If you get tied down to this guy now I think there are some real possibilities of problems later on. At their ages you really wouldn't expect that anyway.Not because of his children but he has lots of irons in the fire, so to speak. He seems awfully anxious to rush things with you and that's not a good sign, kids or not.Since he cannot give you an answer to when he can see you next, his goal of the relationship being "exclulsive" could possibly well be to put you in a situation where he knows he can access you without worrying if you would date others.While I would most likely continue to date him, I would also most likely continue to explore other options.

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They are nice children, 5 and 7 but it's very different to feel second to all that.

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