Dating houses external evidence

Dating houses external evidence

Some of the most important resources on this topic were just published in 2015. Aston, Lehi and Sariah in Arabia: The Old World Setting of the Book of Mormon (Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Publishing, 2015), available for Kindle.

The description of Lehi's journey through the desert has been attacked in anti-Mormon literature.

I am greatly impressed with the evidence of Book of Mormon authenticity, especially factors that seemed like laughable mistakes in 1830 that now have become powerful witnesses that the Book of Mormon is what it claims to be -- an authentic ancient document that Joseph Smith DID NOT write. For those looking for more depth on some of these topics, there are some excellent books that can be read online, courtesy of the Maxwell Institute.

These include: While I have much to say below about some of the impressive Old World finds related to the Book of Mormon, we are still in our infancy in understanding the geography of the New World setting for the Book of Mormon, but there is a consensus among many LDS scholars now that the most plausible settiing for the Book of Mormon in the New World is a small region, not the entire hemisphere, and that region is set in Mesoamerica, the area covering part of sourthern Mexico, Guatemala, and nearby regions. For those interested in understanding the geography debates and the growing evidence in this area, here are some resources to consider: While faith will always be required in our mortal journey, for those interested in moving forward on faith's rocky path, there are occasional dazzling lights along the way to help us see our way around or over the obstacles we face.

The Book of Mormon begins in a well-known location, Jerusalem, in 600 B. The book of First Nephi, the first book in the volume, describes the actions of Lehi and his family in leaving Jerusalem before its destruction, following the counsel of the Lord, and wandering through the wilderness for several years before embarking on a transoceanic voyage to somewhere in or near Central America.

Several hints are found in the text that provide information about the journey through the Arabian Peninsula--information which proves to provide powerful evidence for the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

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