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She said she only realised Ms Hunniford's fame when she later Googled her.

She told the court the star was ‘not of my time.’Police are still hunting for the ‘lookalike’ and her ‘daughter’, while stand-in grandson Alan Dowie, 18, from Surrey, who was the only one of the trio to ever be caught, has been spared jail by the judge and told to go to university.

All of this no doubt greased the wheels for both major and independent labels to give the green light to full-length albums in an incredibly diverse array of folk-rock styles.

As in any genre boomlet, many of the ones that failed to find a wide audience were derivative, mediocre, and forgettable.

We've also, somewhat regrettably, excluded fine retrospective CD compilations by artists who never managed to release an album while they were active, though anyone who's interested in rare '60s folk-rock (or folk-rock in general, for that matter) would do well to check out Blackburn & Snow's , all of them featuring unreleased material and/or rare singles on par with the LPs discussed here.

Plus there's nothing from the intimately-related-yet-different '60s/early '70s British folk-rock scene, many of whose rarities have been discussed in a couple of recent RC features by Colin Harper (in "Top 20 Neglected Brit-Folk Gems," RC 305) and Richard Morton Jack (in "Strange Folk," RC 309).

Once the Byrds combined the best of the Beatles and Bob Dylan on their mid-1965 Transatlantic chart-topper "Mr.

Tambourine Man," however, there was no stopping the folk-rock explosion.

But Ms Davies told the court: 'They were a middle aged lady, who purported to be the real Gloria Hunniford but the bank account was held in the name of Mary Winifred Gloria Hunniford and the woman presented herself as Mary.We all know about the brilliantly innovative -- and, often, massively popular -- work that American folk-rockers like the Byrds, Bob Dylan, the Lovin' Spoonful, Simon & Garfunkel, the Mamas & the Papas, Buffalo Springfield, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young would generate over the last half of the 1960s.Less of a force on the hit parade, but of equal musical magnificence and nearly as influential in the long run, were the records by more cultish bands like Love, and pioneers of the singer-songwriter movement such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen.And even though about half of is wholly acoustic, and much of the material derived from traditional folk and blues sources, he was already putting rock and pop inflections into his inflections on cuts like "Rider" and "Trouble in Mind." The same could be said, albeit to a lesser extent, of the entirety of his debut solo LP, 1964's went into territory Soul of a City Boy hadn't dared to dread upon, however, by also including some cuts with oh-so-light backing that verged on, though didn't quite cross the line into, folk-rock.In fact, two of the session musicians, Peter Childs (on guitar and dobro) and John Sebastian (on harmonica), also played on another album recorded around the same time, Fred Neil's fine , that likewise looked forward to folk-rock without quite leaving the folk camp.

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