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Dating old photos hats

Contemporary lamps include improvements in battery life and weight, a change to LED bulbs, and breakaway or segmented cords to allow the miner to be less inhibited by his battery pack.

There are heaps of clues in this charming old picture of two children admiring their Christmas tree. They include: Keep reading for a little more about each clue. Woolworth‘s led the American market by first selling glass ornaments made in Germany and later, ones made in the United States.

Carbide lamps were still used with hard protective helmets, but helmets that used electric lamps often had a cord holder to keep the cord out of the miner’s way.

A form of this helmet and electric lamp combination is still worn today.

Oil-wick cap lamps were shaped like small kettles—a small font that contained oil fueled a wick that was stuffed into the spout.

If you have a toy train collector in your family, show him or her this photo and let’s see if they can date the era of this set. (I’ll look there for the train, too.) Dating photos based household items is difficult, because families would keep themse items for years. Count The Clues in Your Own Images This image is a good example of how to break a picture down into clues.It’s an image from the Library of Congress, whose cataloging record dates it to between 19. Tree Trimmings The glass tree topper in this picture looks a lot like the one my mother always put on our tree. There is a good chance your ancestors bought their tree trimmings at Woolworth’s.Tinsel has a long history that dates back to Germany in 1610.The protective helmets in the collection of the Division of Work and Industry of the National Museum of American History generally consists of two helmet types.Either the “Hard Boiled” brand of helmet made by E. Bullard Company in San Francisco, California, or the plastic Skullgard or Comfo-Cap manufactured by the Mine Safety Appliances Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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The oil-fueled flame was exceedingly smoky, and could easily ignite flammable gasses (mainly methane) found in coal mines.

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