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We’re still hashing out details, but know that we will have an official Super Smash Flash 2 booth just like previous years with multiple setups for SSF2 friendlies.We’d love for you to stop by and say hi, so if you can make it then register as soon as you can! Or "Don't try to use compliments to make me like you.

If you're out with a woman, and you tease her because she's wearing four inch heels by saying "What's the deal, are you four feet tall without those on? ..then she stops, puts her hand on your arm, and says "You know, you're funny"...

I always laugh to myself when I bust a woman's chops really hard, and she laughs and says "You're so funny! If a man is interested in a woman, you can see it all over his face. A typical "male" response is for a guy to think to himself "OK, I'm in... who will turn into an average Wuss at the first sign of attraction from a cute woman. This kind of thing RELEASES the tension, and it usually takes that wonderful electric attraction feeling that the woman is feeling and INSTANTLY kills it. In fact, it might be the all-time greatest example of this principle that has ever been recorded on film.

she digs me" and to get that rush in the head and chest. Remember the end of "The Empire Strikes Back" when they were about to put Han Solo into the deep freeze?

Alpha, We've done something like this already, accept it was in my waitressing uniform (well, only my apron) and I served him for a night. Hope I Helped I Did This Before And He Said It Was The Best Sex Ever... My wife does nice things for me and tries to add some fun but what really gets me going is when she takes control of the situation.

Well I Would Meet Him At The Door Wearing Nothing But Some Sexy Shoes...Him Up, Blind Fold Him, Then Feed Him His Favorite Things And Then **** The Hell Out Of Him While He Is Still Blind Folded...Fact That They Cant Do Anything Cause They Are Tied Up And Blind Folded Will Drive Him Crazy...Forget To Just Tease Him A Lil Since You Will Have All Control!!!! Alpha, We've done something like this already, accept it was in my waitressing uniform (well, only my apron) and I served him for a night.

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The most kinkiest, raunchiest, sexiest, most romantic thing a woman can do or the man she loves. Followed by a massage in the bath and then sex in the bath. If all else fails just let him f#ck you in the @ss! sorry couldn't help myself well i don't really know what you can do but i can give an idea for b-day i expected nothing i thought i'd at least get some sex that evening and cake.

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