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Diary of dating dg elizabeth

And the only reason I was thinking of asking you for that counsel is because of BG’s recently asking you for counsel on that very question: How to erase or make go away accusations that he was caught with one of his young and attractive secretaries sitting on his lap in private quarters with her skimpy nightgown on, late at night.He wants someone to back him up that he never did have any moral lapses or that any morality weaknesses exist in his life.I would be willing to do that if the time is right in your life.is failing to warn someone who is asking for help and counsel.” Is it just my opinion that you “didn’t fondle the girls?” As I read the criticisms of you from many different Christian leaders, I wondered what your end objective is?Is it to add evidence that you didn’t touch any of the girls inappropriately?

But today, it seems like everyone is going after him. Love, Gary Gary Smalley’s Letter to Bill Gothard Bill, also reported allegations that “Bill Gothard was seen by staff members patting and fondling women employees.

As noted in other articles, the retreat featured an impressive runway for IBYC’s corporate planes.

The property is maintained to this day, and IBLP is proud to feature beautiful pictures of the buildings and surrounding lakes and trees.

The two brothers surrounded themselves with attractive, young secretaries in that rich and remote location.

Updated 5/27/2014: This picture is a "tilted view" of Crazy Bear Lodge and its surroundings in 2014. The inset picture is an overhead view of that lodge, which is about two miles from the Big Lodge as the bird flies, and over three miles by car.

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—–Original Message—– From: [Gary Smalley’s email address redacted] Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 PM To: [Tony’s email address redacted] Subject: Re: Disqualifications of Teachers, James 3:1 Tony, I can now see why he is nervous about the “fondling and patting” statement on Wikipedia.

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