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Do guys like dating models

Having long legs is both an advantage and a disadvantage: men have something to look at, but having long legs sometimes makes shopping quite difficult for women. If there is one perk of being tall, it is that men find it easier to notice tall girls.

Short women find it easy to blend in with the crowd, but tall women cannot hide: they will be noticed. This is because modeling companies usually chose very tall women.

Your legs become even more dangerous if you are adventurous enough to wear heels. Men just love women who are able to show off their feminine side by wearing the right pieces of clothing.

This means that you should go for the more girly clothes, such as short dresses and skirts.

Although you might find it annoying to be in the center of attention all the time (even in the center of men's attention), you should learn to embrace it and make the best of it.

Being a very tall woman isn't a curse; it's a gift.

Just think about how pleasing it is to the eyes to see women with long legs. Although some people might say that this has nothing to do with height, others believe that, generally speaking, tall women are more confident than short ones.

Don't you think men would like to date women who look like models? You can be sure that there is someone out there for you as well.

Tall women seem to be built to have an athletic feature even if they don't do anything special. A lot of women have a preference for tall men, but they are usually taken by tall women. We have to admit, being tall has numerous advantages besides the disadvantages.

The good news is that you get automatic dibs on the tallest men at the party and nobody will ever try to take them from you - tall women seem to be a bit intimidating too. Some people think that short women are less confident by their nature because they feel vulnerable and unsafe as a result of their size.

You should never doubt yourself or your physical beauty.

In case you ever decide to play a sport, you should know that your height will always give you an advantage.

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Think of it this way: men will always have an excuse to approach you and compliment you (on your height).

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