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Trains (other than the sleeper train) can also be used for travel between Luxor and Aswan.

Most trains also call at Asyt, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Esna.

Not a single legal text has survived from ancient Egypt (in contrast to elsewhere in the ancient Near East); and no sure evidence points to cult prostitution taking root there (until the late Roman period).

In fact, sexual intercourse was viewed as ritually defiling in sacred places. Parkinson puts it, “the subject [of homosexuality in ancient Egypt] is surrounded by modern as well as ancient taboos…” Edgar Gregersen noted how some Egyptologists have been embarrassed by statues of the god Min, who is always depicted with an erection; and he reported on one young museum curator who was surprised to discover a box containing over a dozen wooden phalli that had been hacked off of Min statues in the museum and then hidden away.

Some very approximate one-way fares are shown below: In Egypt: You can buy tickets at the railway station booking office when you get to Egypt, although as with anything else in Egypt, a degree of patience is called for...

This narrative, usually referred to as “The Contendings of Horus and Seth,” exists in different versions and dates back to the early Middle Kingdom (2040-1674 B. describes how “Seth said to Horus: ‘Come let us spend a pleasant hour at my house.’ Horus answered, ‘With pleasure, with pleasure.’ When it was evening a bed was spread for them and they lay down.

1st and 2nd air-conditioned class are available on express trains, and are comparable to European 1st and 2nd class.

Ordinary 2nd class is much more basic, and usually only available on slower trains.

All trains call at El Giza station about 20 minutes after leaving / before arriving at Cairo.

ould a homoerotic romance have occurred in ancient Israel between Jonathan and David, have been known openly, and further have been recorded in that nation’s historical records?

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Turbo - Superfast TURBOTRAIN, comfortable air-conditioned 1st & 2nd class with refreshments. Exp - Air-conditioned express, comfortable air-conditioned 1st & 2nd class with refreshments. Ord - Ordinary train, with very basic 2nd & 3rd class.

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