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Elijah wood thoughts on dating

I can provide pictures with email, the inside ball is also very magnetic Hi. My mom has one of these, but it's just the cross, not a rosary.I recently inherited a rosary, but it's different than anything I've ever seen. One says "lamb of god" and the other is "martyr" and "saint" but I can't remember what the others mean. He said that, in the discs underneath the paper, were relics. It was handed down to her from a great great aunt or something who was said to have been a Mother Superior at Notre Dame Cathedral in Germany.I hope someone will check into this they are so evident of being a tool artifact that one look you will understand how important it is to check it out. There are "bands" carved around the bead, and very tiny v marks inside these channels.

To be honest it was just an exciting thing to spot and ended up taking it. Gladly let any Native American Museum have it for free. Jeffrey Cretin I want to know if I could contact you for a school EOC (end of course exam) in my college and career prep class, I am a student at Valley highschool in las vegas nevada located at 2839 burnham ave las vegas, nevada.

It is at least 5 lbs and 8” long by 4 1/4” high by 2-2 1/2 “ thick.

It is orange in color and when I tried to grind a window. When doing the ceramic test it left a light orange streak on it.

I left most of the shell on there, there is metal fragments that are the shell.

Inside the shell is a metal slightly oxidized ball.

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I would like to show someone these or ask someone about them. I'm going through the same thing I live in Peebles Ohio theres Little Creek behind my house have found over a hundred rocks in about an hour worth of looking that all have carvings all have different types of faces some even alien faces all types of different words and I as well am wondering what the hell is going on and why does not anyone know about this Looking to see if anyone has a clue as to what this rock may be i have a few dozen pictures of it and have contacted a few geoscientists about it but everyone is giving me different views one says 520 million year old rock from maguma age or what not...another tells me its a 900 million year old rock carried by glaciers im just trying to figure this out as it has a very strong magnetic field its grey and has smooth edges and thumb print features..please let me email so i can send some pictures thanks My daughter who was then about 5 years old found a circular stone with an embedded darker colored stone ring in the surrounding area of the Egyptian Pyramids. It's about 1.5"-2" in diameter with oval sides and is about 0.5" thick. This was found in 2009 and the curiosity to understand this artificat remains.

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