Estj dating infp

Estj dating infp

I'm just curious to know why I wouldn't want to date people with the same personality type.I think it would be better to have someone who views the world through the same lens.Another thing is that most of us are not 100% Extroverted or Introverted, Thinking or Feeling, etc. And many people change over their lifetimes, switching from one type to another. :)Myers Briggs is more about how people process information and make decisions.If someone wants to pick a mate based on the final four letter personality type? Thus, pairing someone with a person who is similar means they will analyze information the same way.

Personally, I think it's best to have someone with slightly different traits to help each other grow, especially if marriage is down the line.So people can change, a bit, I know that that was not a far jump, but it’s true.So I would think that if you had 2 of the same type, one or both would nudge a little each way to compensate.type is that you understand better why they do things the way they do, why one person quickly thinks things through and puts out what they feel is the best option, and why another takes freakin hours of discussing something to finally arrive at the same decision. The "romantic pairing" insists I need to be with an "I" type.Sorry, I don't have patience with those who are truly introverted.

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All personality types have both strengths and weaknesses and I wouldnt say one personality type is better than any other...

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