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I am the Lord of the Vampires, I have slain gods and demons alike, and I, little Prince, am going to teach you a lesson you should long since have learned." *tosses Harry through a portal into open skies.* "Why not to meddle in the affairs of your betters." his daughter. Because I am going to fulfil that promise I made, a promise to render you down to traumatised, screaming atoms if you ever went near my godson again.

is a Mega Digimon who is the result of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon DNA digivolving in the American English dub, and a mere fusion in the Japanese version.

When Alphamon appeared on Earth to hunt Meicoomon down, Matt urged Tai to fuse their partners into Omnimon due to their opponent's overwhelming strength.

Though initially hesitant due to his lingering fear, Tai agrees, and the two successfully call forth Omnimon.

His right Metal Garurumon hand holds the "Garuru Cannon" and his left War Greymon hand conceals the "Grey Sword", while his left arm also has the "Brave Shield Omega".

When Diaboromon threatens the world with the Peace Keeper, War Greymon and Metal Garurumon both of them can't defeat it and almost pound to death.

Omnimon appears to take the upper hand with a close-range Garuru Cannon, but Alphamon manages to escape back through a portal.When Jesmon's "Un Por Tous" creates a fissure in the ground, Omnimon quickly turns his attention into saving Tai, Matt, and Meiko.However, Tai gives him the signal to just save Matt and Meiko, which Omnimon agrees with, and successfully does so reverting back to Koromon and Tsunomon.He's also friends with the authors of , crediting the former as a key beta/source of advice and the latter as an invaluable source of scientific expertise.Has also gained a certain amount of recognition beyond this page and recommendations on this site:"I am Dracula.

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In the last ditch effort, they combine together with the power of all those who are watching their fight through the Internet.

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