Futurama computer dating like pimping but vip dating events

Futurama computer dating like pimping but

The talk of coupling inspires Bender to seek profit in other peoples loneliness, and the scene cuts to Bender being fined for breaking anti-pimping laws. Back at the office, Bender opts to set up a Computer Dating service, as an alternative to pimping.Fry and Amy hide in a closet and end up getting intimate.They overutillise the car's luxury features and end up draining the fuel-tank half a planet from the fuel-station.Amy calls in help from Septuple-A, but the two have to wait several hours in the steaming hot vehicle.The drive back to the office in Amy's new car where Fry is reminded that Valentine's Day is fast approaching.Fry immediately defaults to Leela, but she's offended by his assupmtions.

Amy shows up to bring Fry on a date, and Fry tricks Zoidberg into coming along so he won't be alone with her.

Fry butts heads with Amy's date as they vie to be the alpha male at the table. As the night progresses, Petunia proves to be less than enthralled by Fry, and leaves to return to Nutley.

Sal proceeds to leave Leela at the same time as he drives the bus to Nutley.

As Bender's business takes off, it becomes obvious Bender is using somehwat dubious methods to match people up.

Back in the closet, Amy and Fry's talking leads to Amy saying they are "hanging out", a death knell to Fry's fear of commitment.

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