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But later they could also be quite different: Boiardo-deck, see: Sola-Busca-Tarocchi (Kaplan I), also others like Guildhall and Goldschmidt (also Kaplan I). I do think that we all remain so deeply grateful for the work which so few have placed at the hands of so many... But autorbis would say, there is still plenty to do - if anybody desires to earn a little bit of Tarot-immortality ...

This might be read as: Trionfi invented in Ferrara 1442, but at first no great interest till 1449, then increasing interest to the state, that everybody wishes to have one.This is the kind of information one seeks at various times, and wonderful to add to as new material comes to light.From this, it seems certainly to lead to the position that Trionfi cards, la Visconti-Sforza, have their date in the 1440s. Brera-Brambilla (before 1447): possibly only four 2.There is no great doubt about that, although a suggestion exists, that the Cary-Yale was done 1468 at the wedding of Galeazzo. Cary-Yale (before 1447): possibly 16 as part of a 5x16-deck see: Bembo-cards (after 1450): 14 as part of a 5x14-deck.

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With the 14 cards of Bembo the later Tarot-de-Marseille was nearly 2/3 ready (with differences in iconography, okay) - the missing 6 or 8 cards were a relatively unimportant addition, just filling free places. :-)The 'printing' comment I made comes from some research I read a while back on some of the manuscripts (made by hand) on Alchemical and astrological texts, in which, apparently, woodcuts were used for the reproduction of certain depictions - hence proper printing, though not of the printing press variety.

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