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(The stories prefer gay relationships over straight ones, although just barely.Two stories feature a bisexual male with both genders, and one story features a lesbian couple) All the stories in this collection have been edited to a fine polish; there is hardly an out-of-place scene or sentence left in the entire collection, and the result is a high-quality book that fully delivers on the promise of kinky, furry literature.Though the outer story provides some context as to what happens, the inner story doesn't even reference the outer story and in so doing, leaves me feeling jerked around, having to reinvest myself in the characters.On its own, again, this would not be a major issue, but it's placed in the book directly alongside "The New Toy" and "Breaking in," both of which it shares some plot and storyline elements with and neither of which yanked me out of the story in the same way.Being so hot and sexy, these cute teen models are ready to get more sexual experience.Find here lots of teen pornstars and join them for a passionate journey into the world of lust and satisfaction.This slight inconsistency in thematic tone is the only major fault I can find in "Will of the Alpha," and it does not begin to make me reconsider my purchase.

"The New Toy" is followed by Mangi's "Furlough," and it appears to suffer somewhat for its placement.And is it still a worth-while buy for readers with minimal interest in BDSM?To the"Will of the Alpha" is a collection of furry short stories (with two poetic interludes) focused around BDSM.That said, this is a worthwhile read in every respect.I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 solely because the artwork is inconsistent."Will of the Alpha" is a collection of furry short stories (with two poetic interludes) focused around BDSM.

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