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I am dating a shy girl

What they all have in common is that they found a method for overcoming shyness that works and they applied it consistently for at least a couple of months.

Eventually, I'd come "out of my shell" when I found out the other kids were cool and wouldn't make fun of me.

I want to share something with you that I didn't really come to appreciate until just the last few years, and it has made ALL the difference in my social life. If I were to just walk up to you on the street and say: "Hi, I'm Carlos. I'd like to be a very close friend of yours, starting right now." After you stopped looking at me like I'd just escaped from the local insane asylum, you'd probably say, "Yeah, whatever." And then you'd walk away.

And it's made me a more positive person and much less cynical and angry at the same time. Now, we all think of "playing games" as being a BAD thing. Well, if that's not the way that we become good friends with another person, how DO we do it? This is called the "friendship" model of how we allow ourselves to get closer to someone. THE 4 STEPS OF CONNECTION & FRIENDSHIP STEP #1: Attention This is where we get a person's attention.

This video I created explains in more detail how to correct your thinking effectively and make the fastest progress possible. As you practice this new type of thinking, it gradually replaces the old type and it builds your social confidence.

The last but possibly the most valuable thing to realize is that once you know how to stop being shy, it’s not enough. I’ve seen many people turn from shy to social: young and old, guys and girls.

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When talking about how to stop being shy, I always emphasize how important it is to identify this inaccurate thinking. First, it gives you more motivation to go out, face your fears and be social, because you know your fears are not rational. You’re thinking is bugged: it generates distorted predictions and interpretations, which creates nervousness. Once you know what’s inaccurate in your thinking, you can start to practice thinking in a new, more constructive way.

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