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One searches the database using a variety of parameters to try to match a questioned TTI to reference standards to determine possible make/model of fax machine used. There are roughly 950 samples in the latest version. The database is provided on a CD to authorized users. FISH technology only exists in the Secret Service and is customized specifically for the Forensic Services Division (FSD) in support of their protective mission.FISH is the repository for all threatening correspondence from federal agencies and other government agencies.It searches based on such features as wording (combination of words or just a single key word), underlined words, format of the note, placement on the paper, forms used, punctuation, misspelling, if the writing on the note is distorted, and if there is overwriting/obliterations on the note.Digital images kept in a database of demand notes used in bank robberies submitted in cases. Accessed through desktop computers on a share drive.It uses a new high-quality solvent system to separate each ink sample into unique bands.By digitizing the results, the Library allows for accurate, timely classification; secure, real-time sample matching; and irreplaceable inks remain safe from environmental degradation and accidental contamination. Letters are searched through this database to determine if the writer has written previous letters.It searches based on text and not handwriting characteristics.

The Digital Ink Library is the new searchable, electronic version of the International Ink Library.

Contains digital images of demand notes used in bank robberies.

Notes are searched through this database to determine if the writer has written previous demand notes.

Searched characteristics include (but not limited to): postmark and postal code information, addressee information, phrases. FBI Laboratory's Questioned Documents Unit will search the system if an outside laboratory or agency has a legitimate request.

Digital images kept in a database of anonymous letters submitted in cases. No cost to access; outside labs and agencies can submit requests to FBI's QDU.

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FISH is an inventory of scanned digitalized text writing samples that have been plotted as arithmetic and geometric values.

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