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Intelligentdating org

I don't usually buy the "she's too stuck up" argument, for one simple reason. Why do you sometimes view a woman's intelligence as an invitation to a contest? Do you debate intelligent women for the pleasure of it, or do you feel that the "contest," rather than debate, is more of a hierarchical "see-saw" to try to end up "on top"?

That is a reason to not want to ask her out, but not a reason to be intimidated by her. I'm curious because I often encounter men who instantly try to "one-up" me or contradict an opinion of mine just for the sake of being contrary, and it's so frustrating.

Unfortunately though, this extra amount of intelligence means nothing when it comes to your social life, such as making new friends or getting a new job. So if you really want to make good use of your intelligence, you definitely really need to hone your social skills, and this is first achieved by understanding why intelligent people tend to be more socially awkward.

Reason 1: Intelligent People Tend to Look for Information, NOT Skills Having come across so many smart people who are socially awkward and trying to help them get rid of social anxiety and shyness, it just really blows my mind when they just do not get it.

Because that intimidation factor is a bit less present for guys with average women than super attractive women. What is it about *liking* a woman that makes you want to engage with them by teasing them?

I can't help but wonder if really attractive women resent being so at times, instead, wondering how much more simple life would be if they looked a bit more average. SG, lately I've begun to think that it's not that some men are intimidated by looks, intelligence, and success in a woman, per se, but rather that there's an archaic mode of relating between men and women that must somehow be upheld even as other expressions of traditional gender roles become obsolete.

In terms of forming relationships, I think average women are on par, heck, even excel at it than women who are super attractive. This archaic mode is that a man needs to feel that to some degree, at least, a women looks to them, and respects them, as a protector and provider (and I don't mean material wealth here, necessarily).

And that is one of the main reasons why intelligent people are socially awkward forever.

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As to not wanting to pursue things after a few dates, I think Nate's right; she probably said something that struck him as irrevocably contrary to an aspect of himself. I think attractive women have a more difficult time finding a nice relationship as opposed to an average woman. I always feel like, why can't the guy just enjoy meeting someone who can engage in a thoughtful discussion rather than try to make it some kind of power trip, which is what it so often feels like?

A hot woman who has it made is going to attract lots of creeps and weirdos on a much larger scale than an average woman. I think that very attractive women just get hit on by a different type of guys. The biggest difference I see is that the women I know who I consider really pretty tend to get tons of attention from narcissistic pricks. Also, I'm interested in hearing you elaborate more on why you tease women you like.

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