Internet safety internet cyberdating

Internet safety internet cyberdating

We are very excited about this new program and confident that it will present highly informative and useful information for all the families in our listening audience." — Ernest D.

Fears, III, General Sales Manager, WMAL, News Talk 630 program is a tailored-made response to the Internet child safety crisis facing our state and the nation." — Dianne Florence, President Emeritus, Virginia PTA & Melissa Nehrbass, President, Virginia PTA : Empowering Parents program duplicates the important in-person training services that EIE has been providing for years." — Sally K. D., Executive Director, Virginia Association of Independent Schools program, and its goal to educate parents and adult caregivers about Internet dangers and provide solutions to protect children online.

They are looking for the person of their dreams through Web sites for dating services, chat rooms, email and posted messages, game rooms and special interest sites. They've postponed marriage and children to devote time to their careers.

They're spending more time at work, moving around because of their jobs and spending longer hours commuting to their jobs.

And in South Carolina a 22-year-old-man was carjacked by his Internet date working in cahoots with a partner.

"You have no idea who is on the other end of that keyboard," says Sgt. He calls the Internet a "paradise for predators."Lenore Walker, the Denver psychologist who pioneered the "battered woman syndrome" murder defense, says women interested in romance should be wary of the Internet.

Linda Alexander owns an online record-searching service, and You can create an entirely fictitious exciting and glamorous life.

When I talked to her on the Internet that first time, I said, 'I ain't letting her get away.""My son made a mistake and what he did cost him his life," says John Kujawa.

"The Internet isn't dangerous; it's the individuals on it." His son Kerry was a victim of a shooting after developing an online relationship with a woman named Kelly.

"I think they have this fantasy of how they would like to come across, how they appear to themselves and it just isn't the reality of it."George Jobel, founder of, notes that when he started his site five years ago, people who logged on to the Web were in the upper two-thirds of the economic trata.

"But as the price of the technology has come down, the Internet more closely mirrors the national demographic.""Harry" (who would not give out his real name) agrees. I would never do it today - too many wackos out there. Now it's like the Wild Wild West."Still, for those willing to risk it, Cyberdating offers another venue for meeting Mr.

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We commend your efforts as a pioneer and leader against Internet predators, as well as your innovative and effective educational programs.

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