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For example she should be listed as: Jamaican (including African and add others only if it’s confirmed) Log in to Reply The Jamaican motto is “Out of Many, One People” This means that out of many races/ethnicity, we are all “Jamaicans” — it doesn’t mean we are all “black” Jamaica is a majority black country with pure and admixed black people; and we also recognize “mixed” race people for what they are “Mixed” ie brown Afro-European, Afro-chinese, Afro-Indian, we don’t “one drop” them, unless they themselve’s state, “I am black” — like Yendi Philips, who is what we call “browning” I am not racist and as a black Jamaican, I support any Jamaican, regardless of race/ethnicity or skin tone– because we are all one Nationality– Jamaicans.

but being accepting of other races does not mean that we don’t acknowledge differences in our racial makeup its’ about the fact that if someone carries the blood of 2 -4 different races, then that person is “mixed”, and is seen as “Mixed” in Jamaican society (because there are dark-skinned mixed people too, like Super Cat) that is the point I am trying to make, one which you want to run from and replace with your American concepts of race Log in to Reply Midori you are correct in saying this post is about Eniko but unfortunately, it became about you because of the LIES you are saying about Jamaican culture and the fact that you keep pushing yourself up as the spokesperson for black people around the world (as I said, “you’re fired”) You want to push AMERICAN concepts of race onto Caribbean people and I will not let you do that.

If you have a black parent socially you are still BLACK.

Today, even though the island is majority black, mixed-race people are socially seen as being “mixed” and not black.

the white AMERICAN man hated his mixed children so much that he told them “you no part of me, you are black” and black Americans had no choice but to accept mixed people as “black” because the white man forced them (black and mixed) to all live together under segregation.

Jamaica did not have race segregation, we were divided by class (just like most other Caribbean island) I don’t need to take a special University course to know about my country, especially from a confused Yankee gyal Log in to Reply THAT IS A LIE ! CARIBBEAN Don’t telly you you are black if you are mixed ace absoloute lie you tell nah !

Black caribbeans are mixed & claim it So Stop lieing please!

Log in to Reply @West Indiangrl, you are the same as MISG, you signed on with a different name and you are trying to stir up arguments for untruths. Yes that is what everyone is saying Black Carribeans are mixed just like Black Americans. Log in to Reply @West Indiangrl, all the British Colony African slaves in America and the Carribean were mixed in slavery 200 hundred years ago.

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Brown persons could be bookkeepers on estates, and officers in the militia.

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