Kimberly anne mccullough dating

Kimberly anne mccullough dating

I'm a Kelly bc my Dad is Irish and it was his Grandmother's last name. my father said i was named after the girl from Cheers. :] in kindergarden there was another girl named kelly and this crazy other girl was obsessed with our names and would never leave us alone!

However, when I think of the name Kelly, I think of a red haired, freckle faced Irish girl, preppy well-off and casual, off playing field hockey at someplace like U of Notre Dame. and in 4th grade i remember my gym teacher -- robert kelly..was embarassing for me to share a name with a teacher.

I'd like to know if there is any girl out there born pre 1957 with the name Kelly? It seems everyone named Kelly has the same middle name!

When I read some of the name choices here, I cringe thinking that the child is going to hate that 12 letter name, with a lot of vowels etc. She's had the most fun with her name being Kelly when The Osbourne's was on TV.

It's also very casual and kind of childish, esp after 40. In business I've often wished I had a more serious and at least a smarter name - Ellen, Julia, Kate, Katherine, Olivia - something like that. If you're naming your baby Kelly it's good to keep all this in mind! I don't actually even remember being upset, I just thought it was cool there were words that rhymed with my name. When my mom named my Kelly in 1960, my grandmother was horrified that she would give a boy's name to a little baby girl. I never understood why it's a male's name though, it sounds girly to me.

Now I love the history behind my name and wouldn't change it for anything. When I was a kid, I hated it because it seemed strange.It's been adapted to mean "brave warrior" in many English language armies (for example, the Irish Army, British Army, and Australian Army) and "warrior princess" by American popular culture.Kelly is the second most common family name in Ireland (after Murphy).Kelly is a given name and surname which originates in England, Ireland and Scotland.Etymologically, the Irish surname originated as a patronymic surname, with the prefix Ó ("grandchild", or "male descendant") and the suffix Ceallach ("strife", or "contention"), an Old Gaelic clan name, Ó Ceallaigh (anglicisized as "O'Kelly").

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Alternative origins are locational: * In England, from Kelli in Devonshire, reflected as the Welsh/Cornish celli ("grove"), in public records dating as far back as 1194.

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