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Kris aquino dating history

She forgets the promise she made in 2010, when she offered to leave the country if her brother was elected president to protect him from the backlash of her personal scandals, effectively admitting she has some responsibility towards his public image.

She forgets, more importantly, that every time she hauls her siblings to stand behind her on interviews to convince the public she is the victim, she makes the story not about Kris Aquino the woman, but Kris Aquino the daughter, the sister, the woman whose political power makes it possible to accept personal apologies from former Presidents.

The Aquino women, mother and daughters, have withstood decades of media coverage with quiet resignation, standing in the floodlights without basking in the glow.

Watch her, daughter of heroes, heiress to a legend, sister to the yellow king, hawking laundry detergent and condominium units in billboards along the same highway her mother walked in 1986.

Why, she asks, in long, tear-filled monologues, does the public punish my family with my sins?

She forgets, for example, that she has actively made herself part of her family’s political life, campaigning for her brother’s election, endorsing candidates, linking her name irrevocably with the Aquino brand.

Social media is filled with these viewers, and although there is little to prove the validity or magnitude of the national exasperation—or national apathy—resulting from yet another Aquino scandal, the goodwill earned by the Aquino legend is not an unlimited currency.

And yet the punchlines are tangling, three decades of instant replay making this story just another iteration in a soap opera whose ratings are steadily plummeting.

The camera began rolling when she was seven years old. The exception is their youngest, the precocious Kris, who moved on from being the national princess to a bright name in the marquee, romping with veteran actors in comedies until she was alternately raped and murdered in a handful of massacre films.

They called her Kris, the small girl with flyaway bangs and missing teeth who stood on her tiptoes to speak into double microphones. Kris the star was also Kris the rebel, whose attempt to fit into the family portrait of pearl-earringed, quiet-voiced Aquino women in long yellow skirts failed with each controversial boyfriend.

Aquino isn’t the only celebrity to turn to social media after stepping away from the TV and the movie cameras.

Actress Judy Ann Santos also has a You Tube channel with over 91,000 subscribers called Apart from being a successful media personality, Aquino is also the daughter of Philippine President Corazon Aquino and her husband the late Senator Ninoy Aquino.

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Unlike the sisters who molded themselves in the image and likeness of the sainted Corazon, Kris’ history is fraught with married lovers, broken promises and public dramas, the sort of scandalous career expected of actresses and divas, certainly not behavior to be tolerated from the prized presidential daughter. Public humiliation may be occasionally acceptable, even courted, but public disapproval is never to be permitted. The petition accused the basketball player of entering the bedroom of his erstwhile wife in an attempt to make “overt sexual advances” that Kris “vigorously resisted,” provoking Yap to “utter mean and malicious statements” in the face of rejection as witnessed by the couple’s five-year-old son Bimby.

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