Maryse dating the miz

Maryse dating the miz

This was where the WWE Divas would all be around a pool having fun or even in the pool swimming and fighting.Either way, the women looked like they were naturally having a good time.This is thought to have been one of the main reasons for her success in such a short space of time.There is an easy way to spot someone who is a natural standout from the crowd, in comparison to someone who just kind of blends in.This could be due to the fact that she is absolutely stunning and she was a talented in-ring performer, but it could also be due to the fact that she had an incredible accent, being that she was French-Canadian and hailed from Montreal, Quebec.

Maryse was one of the most popular WWE Divas during her time with the company, and is still considered to be in the top five voted for women to make a return to the company some day.One of the reasons for her success was because she adopted a pose where she would put either one or both of her hands out as a way to tell fans to back off.Every WWE Diva develops her own ring attire as a way to stand out from the crowd.Maryse then lifted the title again in 2010, becoming the first ever Diva to have held the championship twice, another record that had a lengthy span.After she dropped the Championship to Eve Torres, Maryse noticeably became less and less active on WWE’s main roster and instead had made the switch to NXT.

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