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"He carries a bit of a torch for her."Frank looked up to Victory.She made eye contact but then quickly darted behind the couch.There was a loud buzz from the speakers above them."Alright crazies!" Lloyd shouted and rolled the gun along his pant leg. "Ray and Mikey stood up."Come on." Ray said motioning.The car took a sharp turn and the town as well as the tall blonde was quickly out of sight. It was a large gray brick building with white bricks lining the outside. It was a large white room with bright florescent lights that dangled from the ceiling.The cruiser drove up a dirt road and that's when he saw the sign. Frank looked behind him as the creepy pale men in white suits starred back at him with expressionless faces. It had large stain glass window with bars over them. Frank looked up as the cops got out and opened his door. Several people sat in chairs at small card tables or half on and off of a beat up couches as they stared blankly at a black and white TV. Frank wasn't sure what it was about the man but the very presence of him made his blood run cold. Korse handed the key to the guard on his right."Now, let us do away with these nasty chains." He nodded to the guard. I want you to know that Desolation Row is a safe place for the mentally ill.

Looking at the police car they nodded in a robotic unison. The guy with glasses just rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. Frank could feel several other eyes on his back but knew better than to look around."Now Ray, that's now way to start off a friendship. He just likes starting shit with the patients."Frank looked to the guards standing at the door.

Enjoy : DFrank rested his head on the cold glass of the police car. He tried to reach his hands up to rub the back of his neck but the chain that linked his feet to his cuffs around his wrists stopped short with a clang."Yo, how much longer is this gonna be? Frank sighed and leaned his head on the glass again. It was hard to tell what time of day it was through the thick clouds. He missed the name on the sign as the rolled through the Main Street. He'd give anything just to crack open the door and roll out, book it for that train and get the hell out of Dodge. Blinking again he saw a tall thin woman in a bright red dress walking along the side-walk. Again their faces expressionless."Y-yes…o-of course Dr. We've been working on electric shock therapy on some of our more…severe patients. I'm sure we will have no troubles from you." Korse said it as if it were a warning.

" He asked tapping on the screen between him and the two police officers."Keep your shirt on! Though summer had started it was still cold and wet, even for New Jersey. She brushed back her blonde hair as she looked up at the police car. Just as they reached the steps his heart pound in his chest. He jerked back out of the cops grip."I'm not a fucking loon! Finally they stopped to another door and Korse lifted a ring of keys from his pocket.

This story is an idea I came up with after writing my Killjoy fics. Frank Iero has been sent to Desolation Row, an insane asylum for the mentally disturbed. Disclaimer I do not own MCR, their names, songs or any affiliation to them. He was sharply dressed in a white ruffled shirt, an expensive looking brown vest, tailored black pants, perfectly shined black shoes, and a long gray wool coat. Frank could already see the fear in the officer's eyes. For a fraction of a second he could have sworn he saw Korse grin at this."No matter. Frank peeked inside and saw several hospital beds and testing equipment beside them.

Also the Character personalities are in very little way based off of their actual human personalities. There will be mild language and violent/ dark scenes and a few references to my previous fics so if you like you can read those to get in on the jokes. The only thing that stuck out was the train station. Looking up again something bright yellow in the sea of gray caught his eye. Two more pale guards in the similar white suits stood beside the tall man. I'm sure you will make many friends here at Desolation Row." Korse rubbed his hands together as they walked. The lights above his head flickered and a loud blood curdling scream emitted from one of the doors. Frank stopped."That's just one of our more eccentric patients.

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She bumped his shoulder as she filed in with the rest of the patients. Either he was really going crazy or in the faintest hint of a whisper he could have sworn she whispered."A/N: There you have it! It cheers up I swear, but I warn you this is a more serous of a story as opposed to my more cheery Killjoy fics.

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