My boyfriend still has online dating profile dating winchester rifles by serial number

My boyfriend still has online dating profile

I know its not easy having a relaionship with someone in another country,but I was prepared to wait for him until we could sort out something permanent together.

I invited him to come and stay with me,but he would say at first that i lived in the middle of nowhere and there was nothing to do, and later that he didn't have the money for the flight.

Then 2 days before i was due to fly,someone sends me a message on fb with pictures of him on trueswingers website.

There was a photo of him naked and on his friends list were hundreds of naked women in explicit poses,old women,obese women,young women,couples..

I want to forgive him but I feel like he has DESTROYED everything because he has destroyed my trust. I thought we were getting serious, I really liked him, I wasn't looking for anyone else, I haven't have any contact with other men whatsoever since I found him.

He suffers from depression,and it seems as though he wants constant stimulation from either dating sites,playstation,city life etc.

Not working outside of the house means he's bored at home,so i would make a lot of effort to chat to him all day to try and keep him from being lonely,even though it's not easy as I work 6 days a week.

He was everything I had ever wanted in a relationship. He was becoming my best friend and I was falling in love with him.

Kind,sweet, considerate and told me everyday how lucky he was to have me in his life, how beautiful I was and how he had such strong feelings for me. One day, two weeks ago, I asked to see his phone, to look up a local band.

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I made a lot of effort with the conversation and tried to keep him interested with things i had seen on the internet it was no good,nothing could keep him off them.

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