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‘Rapehole’ was one of hers, and so was ‘milksacks’. As she became lost in creating new deions for tits and cunts, the morning just flew by. ‘Well, at least you know your work is helping to reduce that prejudice,’ said Kitten. She parted her legs to let it in, and Kitten deftly slid it into her sopping wet rape-tunnel. Immediately the voice stopped yelling and returned to its normal routine. When Claire woke up again the sun was up and Kitten was perched between Claire’s exposed legs. ‘I did my own while you were sleeping.’ Claire waited with her legs spread while Kitten finished shaving her.Chapter 3 THE TOILET Around 11 am Claire felt thirsty. Claire turned and saw a thin, pretty long-haired teenaged blonde looking at her. ‘It will go in the database and if you ever allege rape or are otherwise a lying bitch we will bring it out as character evidence.’ He patted Claire on the head. You seem to me like a good girl.’ After leaving Michael’s office Claire went straight to the toilet. ‘One day we’ll live in a world where what happens at Titcage is normal for everyone.’ At Kitten’s house, Kitten led Claire behind the main building where her parents lived to a small granny flat. Claire sighed with pleasure, and then gasped as Kitten playfully pulled it out a little and then pushed it back in. Claire likes being raped.’ Kitten got up, turned out the lights, and then climbed back into bed, this time in front of Claire. Claire’s tits deserve to be beaten,’ said the training device. The vibrator was still working in Claire’s twat and the voice was still telling her how much she enjoyed having her tits whipped. Claire was scared to move because of the razor, which somehow made the whole experience more intense. Slowly, she took off her shirt, revealing her lacy pink bra and the huge soft tits it encased. She stepped forward with a measuring tape and ran it around Claire’s bust. She couldn’t think of the last time another person had touched her boobs so directly. Cunt capacity: - Milk production: - Fertility: - Fuck grade: - Rank Z" ‘What is this? ‘But if you don’t want to work here no one is forcing you.’ Claire wanted to leave. It made Claire feel good; no matter how weird the situation, it always felt nice to be liked by a handsome man. ‘I’m so glad you decided to do your work experience here, Claire,’ said Michael. ‘Did you know, Claire, that less than five percent of rape allegations by women result in a conviction? ‘That’s what I do in winter when it’s too cold out.’ Claire didn’t like that idea either but she liked it more than pissing outside. Next to the photos were a series of measurements: “Tits: 34DD, real. ‘It holds everything relevant to know about a woman. ‘Baby, you don’t demean a pig by grading its bacon,’ replied Girl. ‘Um, hi.’ Michael smiled, and gestured in a way that suggested he wanted nothing more than to be here, talking to Claire. ‘Girl, be a good twat and leave us.’ ‘Yes, sir,’ said Girl, exiting. Here she had trouble looking anywhere without a bare cunt or naked bust in her field of view. ‘What we are about is fixing some of the gender inequities in modern society.’ He kept staring at Claire’s breasts. ‘If it really bothers you, you can piss in the sink,’ said Kitten. Girl looked down at the result shown by the tape, then grabbed Claire’s left tit in her hand and squeezed painfully. But her mother would have a fit if she blew off work experience on the first day no matter how good the reason. He had short, fashionably cropped brown hair, his chin showed a hint of stubble, and he was wearing a suit that must be expensive judging by how good it looked. You may have seen our TV campaign, “She’s Probably Lying”. It didn’t bother her now to be pissing in front of Kitten. I need to get your measurements.’ Claire didn’t like this at all but felt trapped. She pulled it tightly, and Claire felt it dig into her breasts uncomfortably. This place was creepy with its collars and degrading badges. ‘Then follow me.’ She led Claire down a series of sumptuous corridors and showed her into a large office where a handsome middle aged man sat behind a huge mahogany desk. And Claire noticed he wasn’t looking at her face - he was staring unashamedly at her tits. Does it bother you that so many so called rape victims turn out to be lying sluts? ‘We provide public advocacy about the truth about rape allegations. ‘The fences are high and none of the windows from the house face out this way. She took off her skirt, climbed up onto the little kitchen counter, and squatted over the sink.

It tasted strange, she discovered, but thick and sweet. With the amount of cordial you’ve been drinking it’s no wonder. You can do it here if you want, I don’t mind, but I guess you’re probably prefer some privacy.’ Humiliated, burning with shame, but grateful, Claire stumbled wordlessly away from the bed and ran to the bathroom. You wouldn’t want anyone else seeing them, after all.’ ‘But...’ said Claire. Suddenly the image was there - Claire fingering her nude shaved twat. Not just because Michael was looking at a picture of her masturbating but because she felt the words coming to her so easily. When she saw Claire, she gestured to the other girl there. Her work name is Sluthole.’ Sluthole was short and petite, but gorgeous, with a trim, fit body and flowing brown hair. ’ Before Claire could reply she kissed Claire again. Piss spurted from her pussy and splashed on Sluthole’s twat. She hated remembering Sluthole pissing on her leg and being forced to piss in return. And as her mind grasped for something to say it settled on a familiar and oddly appropriate one. Kitten can watch.’ Claire was shocked her father would even offer to let a stranger watch Claire’s bare bottom spanking, but it was Kitten and really she didn’t mind. When she had her fingers dripping with the stuff, she lifted them to Claire’s lips. Claire opened her mouth and Kitten put her fingers inside. Just glance at this short video showing you real footage of a mom seducing and fucking her own teenage son.When woman gets a little older it becomes hard for her to land a man, but thankfully those women blessed with sons do have a man or men who love them very much no matter what. Most of the women in the posters seemed happy but a couple were visibly crying. ‘I didn’t like hearing it either, Claire, but I drank it. When Kitten had to piss she did it in the sink too, to make Claire feel comfortable, and Claire saw that Kitten’s pussy was wet too, even before the pissing. It was a lot like many of the photos Claire categorised each day and work, and didn’t seem strange to her for Kitten to put on - although by this time she’d had three glasses of the rum-infused cordial. Some had been photographed in the act of sucking large anonymous cocks. Claire’s pussy began to get wet, despite Claire’s best intentions. Kitten just giggled when Claire did this, and hugged her tighter, and rested her head against Claire’s neck, which felt good. In it, three big-titted sluts kissed and licked each other, and were raped and abused by several men.

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Funded by church groups, conservatives, and the world’s richest men, the organisation existed for one purpose: to change community and government attitudes to women and restore women to a role solely as sextoys, housekeepers and breeders. Looking at the pretty receptionist made Claire uncomfortably aware of her tits, and the way that they were bouncing and rubbing against the inside of her bra as she moved. ‘Oh, it’s on my tag, just like everyone here,’ replied the receptionist. Which reminds me, we have one for you.’ She passed Claire a leather dog collar. The women working here all wore collars and a charitable person would have described their clothing as sexy. All the women wore short skirts, some so short their panties were visible, and all wore tops that called attention to their breasts. ‘You’ll be working here,’ said Michael, ushering Claire to a clear desk bearing a computer. We find it’s incredibly helpful for rape accused to be able to show their accuser is a slut. ‘Fucktoy’ meant that her whole purpose was to be casually fucked for the amusement of men; ‘Rapetoy’ was much the same but implied that forcing her and hurting her was part of the fun. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘but...’ ‘It’s just like jelly, Claire,’ said Kitten. They cheered as the men slapped the girls and held them down and raped them, and giggled as the women cried.

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    Sarah Hollenbeck is the co-owner of Women & Children First, one of the last remaining feminist bookstores in the United States.

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