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It would be nice, though, if those on the one night stands weren't just into their own satisfaction, and actually cared it thier temporary partner were enjoying themselves as well, but I guess that is unlikey, given the reasons I stated above. So the NSAS works for ppl who don't wanna go through the drama that they did it's NSAS in a one nighter or a FWB.. Eventually I believe ppl get over the NSAS and want some strings at some point in their lives but need the strings to gradually get attached, not strangled with and brought down hard and fast. Can't two professional level people who work and have their careers, also have a fling now and then?

When ppl are ready for more they will seek it and start fishing more. Maybe the best relationship is if two people each have their own place, and the dates and sex can be traded off between places?

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I am personally in a realationship of this sort and it works perfect for both of us. Keep it simple and as long as both parties are aware there is no chance of "true love" or a "real relationship" you can be clean, respectable people while enjoying yourselves whenever you want. There is no discussing your sexual relationship with everyone because it is none of their business2.You can only sleep with one person at a time, meaning if you are interested in having sex with one another you must inform your current partner (for safety reasons)5. Condoms and other protection are necessary EVERY time Simple. There are always strings attachedwhen it comes to sharing your body... I know for me, when I was into the whole one night stand thing, I thought I was just out satisfying what came naturally :) Looking back now though, I think I felt fairly uncomfortable/insecure about myself (especially after recently exiting a relationship) and used them as a way to "check in" with the female population and make sure I was still "attractive". These days, I'd just as soon get to know someone before becoming intimate.I find that the sex is better that way too :)I like sex as much as the next guy but I also know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night in that wonderful half dreamy state with someone you have been with for awhile and have some of the best sex ever invented :)Julian Go back even farther than the '80s to the FREE LOVE movement in the late 60's early 70's.

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But we are human, and we still have the needs of human contact, to touch and be touch, and to serve the needs of our sex drives. It's so popular cuz so many ppl feel it's just too much BS to actually have an exclusive b/f or g/f partner. Well I am not a slut or anything but I have had my fun and continue to until I find someone worth keeping around. I have a question for anyone who is willing to answer. Most older folks don't want the worry of STD's and the hassle of having to go out and meet and find someone who wants to screw all the time.

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