Over sedating in endoscopy procedures dating agency names

Over sedating in endoscopy procedures

The dry mouth and drowsiness are from the sedation. The gassiness is from the puffs of air that are put into the digestive tract during the endoscopic procedure.

This helps your doctor see inside your stomach or colon.

Even though the test itself takes about 30 minutes, you will need extra time for registration, preoperative check-in, the test itself, and postoperative recovery.

We suggest that you go home, have a light meal and take a nap for several hours.

The doctor will then administer the sedative into your intravenous line.

The rest of the procedure is done while you are in a state called "conscious sedation." This is a pleasant semiconscious state in which you should be comfortable and be unaware of the actual procedure itself.

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions, but your memory may be impaired by the sedation.

Any biopsies or samples taken for lab analysis will not be available that day.

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Endoscopic examinations such as colonoscopy and gastroscopy require sedation.

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