Park yoochun dating yoon eun hye

It was a new world I didn’t think much of writing or poems But it came to me suddenly like Shim Chung I used to be a flightless bird but it opened my eyes But people keep askin’ baby Why you love that HIPHOP shit?

Then I tell them, I don’t have a reason, it’s cause it’s hip hop Nothing special, Epik High, just like others Jay-Z, Nas And of course the classic Illmatic and Doggystyle, in my mind, KRS-ONE And Ready To Die, Eminem and The Chronic and the next classic 2001 Gang Starr, Black Star, Eric B, Rakim, Pete Rock and CL smooth They juss keep poppin That’s all I listened to I was like an old lady I had so much to say that it wasn’t enough with what other people told me First, I forced it, layer after layer, calling it lyrics And that was it!

You and the prime minister and the whole cast performance was excellent acting. Nodame Cantabile is a really big challenge for you, and if you're doing good in that drama, your acting will be recognized. Haters do u have nothing else to do then to insult Yoon A? You are choding funny and sometime immature but I like it I like when your prank with your unnie .

Your performance in Prime Minister & I was excellent. I believe the time slots had a lot to do with the ratings being low. You guys have nothing to judge these idols dealing with hardship with insults. DID YOU KNOW YOONA IS THE IDOL THAT IS THE MOST IDEAL TYPES WITH IDOL BOYS. She deserves it, I'll let you guys hate but you can't just write or say it in public. Even if some people says tat her voice was a bad, i dont care because that truth is she has a soft and sweet voice. She maybe not perfect but i love her because she has good hearted, friendly, joyful and lovable person. And for the haters of yoona unnie, you dont have the rights to insult her so back off!!! and one day I accidental watch your Video with ur member I really like you .

While she is very young, she portrayed a character of sweetness and innocence in the show and I think it really tugged at people's heart strings.

I think as she gets more experience, she can develop her acting skills.

Im wishing for the best of both worlds for her singing and acting career. always here for bless u IM YOONA Yoona caught my attentoon in Love Rain.. She did nothing to you, but I guess you guys are just jealous, huh? I just want you to know that there will be times other people will bash b/c they are jealous that you are on a higher level than their own bias!!

What if I went to you and said You are plastic, you don't sing or act well. YOu r the most ugliest and stupidest person I've ever met. And also when i watched the music video of gee by girls generation (first time watched 1 of the song of snsd) she is the one who catch my attention,honestly. You are still young and I know you are really eager in your career, you are still in the process of learning and improving in your acting skill so I hope you can face any kind of boundries in brightful, brilliant and positive way and never give up no matter what happen. You're the prettiest, the best singer, dancer, and actress for me! Especially where it is so obvious the male lead look so young barely out of his teens (which hardly fits the maturity of the character he is playing) and the female lead looks older than him when seen together. perfect couple yoona& lee seung gi,,can you imagine how cute yoona and Lee Seung gi's kids will be if they get married..i heard it that both of them didn't have plastic saying.anyway, PM&I is soo daebak, i enjoy watchg evr epsd..yoona,best luck @waitwhat does a drama have to end to get an award?! Just give a try :) I have seen many dramas and I have thought, maybe Yoon A would be good in that role. I mean really are they selling their music or their body.) I liked how clean and innocent kpop is and same goes to the drama. No wonder she got an award for her role on that show because she really did a great job. I am always proud of you in what ever you are doing now and in the future. You will always be the best for me no matter what you do! Of course that is my opinion and that is not to say she would do better than the actress in the role, but I think she would do a good job. I fell in love with You are my destiny because it proves that a show doesn't need those kissing scenes and love scenes to rate. No matter how many roles she'll play I'll always remember her as saebyuk. yoona, im your biggest fan, you are so pretty and cute,beautiful smart and i like you the way you acting you are such a good actress . She will be the lead role in Saguek drama (Historical drama) . I dunno why people think youre the face of snsd; Taeyeon or Yuri is going to kick you out from your precious 'center' place, soon. you are my favorite in snsd i think you are goddess in 9 of them i like your drama cenderela man, you are my destiny and also love rain i like it so much . I'm waiting for her response I miss her acting Have read the comments, and as I have only a short time ago found the Kdramas, and love them and Girls Generation, and their music people should give the young up and coming entertainers a break before making harsh comments. you have no talent in singing, like tayeon, or dancing, like yuri or hyoyeon. i hated your thing in love rain, I only watched bcuz of jang geun suk, and i hate your character in you are my destiny, you were reaaaaly ugly.

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uh that was it, when I became me On the white paper in between my textbooks, I put myself And I erased it, emptied it, I was free on top of the beat Seven years ago or now, it’s the same, this is the most me I’ll be down for your rap I’ll be down for your rhythm It still makes my heart pound It makes me be the real me Yeah I love this (Hip!

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