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I'm also not too worried about Verlander - he has the stuff, the delivery, and the track record to feel confident going forward.

Small sample caveats aside, if there are still things that he is honing then I trust his ability to make those adjustments, and he can be effective even while at something less than peak form.

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Another page to the "big guys figure it out a little late" book, too. When you watch Chapman or Ventura throw that hard, it's got huge life, and seems to really explode that last ten feet.

Wouldn't bet on it, of course, but I'm a believer in Meyer. His fastball always looked 'light' to me--even at 100.

Teams need pitching badly, and Verlander, though he hasn't Verlanded as much this season, was still widely seen as one of the best starters in baseball as recently as three months ago. There's so much volatility (a word I consistently misspell) that getting established stars (to the extent such a thing exists) has great value. (Matthew Kory)We definitely agree that it's a local minimum in terms of his value.

Without more specifics, if you can win this year, it's worth it to give up youth. position players, we all know how crazy pitchers are. As a result, unless you think this is going to end up as some kind of midpoint in an ongoing trend where his value continues to decline, you're better off holding on and hoping he can rectify the poor trends in both his peripherals and actual results.

Click here for a free card so you can see what's missing. I don't think Syndergaard, Appel or Gray will quite get there, but all these guys will be good. I covered Rodon above, and as much as I loved Hoffman I don't think he'll ever clean up the command enough to be a real Ace. (Matt Sussman)Hamilton will go stat-chasing in the final few games and take it. Once I had this idea for an article that was going to look at the most promising potential "events" of the year, like... Anyway, that's sort of how I feel about Hamilton this year.I'd try to squeeze a little more out of your opponent. (Except Bonds and Pedro.) (Sam Miller) may not be fully recovered from off-season surgery. (Al Skorupa)Verlander doesn't really fall into the neat little box of comps. Add in the fact that he had core muscle surgery before 2014, some problems finding his release point in 2013, and you've got a lot of moving parts. Verlander's ball never did that-- it's a true pitch. (Jordan Gorosh)The company line we're all supposed to be saying is, "he was hurt last offseason and now this year he'll have his full recovery time." Bottom line, a lot could happen between now and then, but if you want a prediction I think he competes for and wins the fifth starter job out of training camp. Performances that were neither interesting because of how extremely good or because of extremely, counterintuitively, bad--just banal, unexceptional, games like any other game.On the jukebox: Pink Floyd, "Sheep" (Doug Thorburn)He'd probably still get a ton. (pmitchell60 from NOLA)I'm so not a fantasy guy, but this one is interesting for a few reasons.I don't know that he'd get 0 million, but he very well might. Generally speaking I think we over-rate young players.

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He still seems to be able to go out there every 5th day, he's just not his usual dominant self. I guess I'm just curious as to how he can go out there every 5th day, not look like he's hurting, perform ok, yet still be hurt without people noticing?

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