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But again, not exactly an accurate match for the Doors.The leader was the guitarist while the vocals were not remarkable.There was plenty of eclecticism, but I'm not sure the same tension, the same possibility of falling through the rabbit hole, is there in the way it is in essence for the Doors.8) : Don't take this one too seriously, but if Morrison-like vocal power is what you want, Danzig's bellowing might hit the spot. Danzig is a campy blues-metal performer who uses Satanic and dark magic imagery in his schtick.However, if anyone in music of the last 20 years was actually influenced by Morrison's vocals, it was Danzig and his amazingly powerful vocal pipes.It could be any number of things since the band can be romantic and even sappy one moment, possessed and malevolent the next.I've mentioned the child/dark-side schizm of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett.This plays into the tendency many post-punk bands had to work laboriously to construct conceptual foundations for their bands.

Moments of magic, universal or personal, Familiar Or Obscure, Simple Or Perplexing, Brutal or Caressing, Filligreed or Minimal, Complete or Infinite... , chronicling the various "post-punk" scenes that emerged from the scorched earth of the Sex Pistols necessary implosion, the Doors came back onto the radar screen.The fact that most post-punk bands were virulently anti-Classic Rock makes their fandom only more fascinating.Some, if not most, of that influence/allure surely stems from the charisma of Morrison and the power he held over his audience.Start with : A Morrison-type vocalist fronting a band more like Black Sabbath or King Crimson, around 1970. Yeah, they could be baroque one moment and grungy the next.At least the vocals have Morrison's deep, moody vibe, though the band is clearly heavier, doomier, and more prog rock-inclined than the Doors. Whether Doors fans or Black Sabbath fans will be more inclined to like their two great albums, : Great band, some existential issues, pop/experimental, but the actual sound is significantly different. Yeah, hope and despair intermingled in some of their music. But I can't help but feel that more Beatles fans than Doors fans would turn on brightest to Love, considering the band's expertise with composition and arrangement, more than Dionysian expressionism.7) : Many moods/textures, rock/jazz/blues/folk/psych. Another excellent band from the late-60s LA psych scene.

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Airplane had that peace, love, flowers...blood in the streets dichotomy, at times.

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