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Grade Three is achieved and he also starts clarinet lessons with William Herrera. They are, (the records that is, not the neighbours), Still Love You All by Kenny Ball, Have a Drink on Me by Lonnie Donegan, and Sleigh Bells by Russ Conway. Quite seriously the band barricaded themselves in behind chairs and trestle tables for the first couple of weeks, but then grew up very fast and got to know the kids and become their friends.Forms his first band, a trad jazz band called Brother Wakeman and the Clergyman. Holiday in Exmouth, (now there's a surprise) - Joined a local Blues band called The Atlantic Blues, who were famed more for their enthusiasm than musical prowess. The band stayed there for a year and to this day Rick counts it as one of the most rewarding periods of his life.As a reward the family went to Exmouth for a holiday - Rick was entered for his first music festival and duly won his class. He also passed Grade Two both on piano and at theory. Saturday lunchtimes were occupied by sitting on Sudbury Hill station bridge and attempting to drop the rubbers taken from Mrs.Symes theory classes down the funnels of passing steam engines. Clarke's Update - Courtesy of classmate Tony Hyams, you can see Rick's class photo of 1960 along with possibly his earliest surviving autograph!The band uniform is achieved by putting the school shirt on the wrong way round. Grade Six is accomplished and the weather is pretty bad in Exmouth during the first two weeks in August - Rick struggles through his O-levels and passes English, Spoken English, Maths, Art and Music and proceeds into the sixth form to take Art, Music and British Constitution.He leaves the Atlantic Blues and joins a local dance band quartet called the Concords.

It gets to the stage that he won't practice unless he has an audience. Leaves scouts and joins the 1st Harrow Boys Brigade at South Harrow Baptist Church, Heavily into trad jazz, (Kenny Ball in particular), has a record player for Xmas... Rick has three singles in his collection, all of which are played in heavy rotation for the neighbour's benefit. Clarke looked during the Wakeman family holiday and Rick was picked for the Drayton Manor 2nd XI football team - The Atlantic Blues obtain a residency at the Neasdon Mental Rehabilitation Club.

We will let you decide what the possible cause of death was. Rick passes Grade One examination on the piano with distinction.

(He gained distinction throughout the eight graded examinations).

Just the one channel with such delights as Andy Pandy and Muffin the Mule. Clarke’s), but most importantly his first piano lesson with Mrs.

Symes, who was to remain his teacher throughout - Found out that Father Christmas wasn't real. Luckily found out in later life that Father Xmas does exist and won't hear anything to the contrary. Clarke's in Exmouth - Moved up to Wood End Juniors. Lewis who used to rap the children over the knuckles with a ruler. Was taken to Brentford to see his first game of football by his father. Rick performs a Clementi Sonatina at the school concerts with Side Saddle, which was a huge hit for Russ Conway at the time, as an encore. No need to tell you where the Wakeman's holidayed - Passed 11-plus examination and was admitted to Drayton Manor County Grammar School in West London.

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They did weddings and 21st birthdays as well as pub gigs. Rick brought home numerous holiday brochures about Spain, which were glossed over with moderate interest before the serious decision of which two weeks we would be going to Mrs.

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