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However, many who have doubted that the Song came from one pen, or even from one time or place, explain this consistency by ascribing all the Song's parts to a single literary tradition, since Near Eastern traditions were very careful to maintain stylistic uniformity.

To find the key for unlocking the Song, interpreters have looked to prophetic, wisdom and apocalyptic passages of Scripture, as well as to ancient Egyptian and Babylonian love songs, traditional Semitic wedding songs and songs related to ancient Mesopotamian fertility religions.

God's will is that each of us experiences the joy and happiness of love. NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION and NIV are registered trademarks of Biblica, Inc.

He did not create us to be alone (see Genesis ), but to find fulfillment and joy in relationship with one another. Use of either trademark for the offering of goods or services requires the prior written consent of Biblica US, Inc.

While it is fun to hang out with your buddies and work on cars, or to hang with your girl friends at the mall, it will not improve the prospects of meeting your future beloved. If you make things happen that are not meant to happen, both of you may be feeling regret and guilt later.

This verse also tells us that if you want a faithful spouse who can support you, look among the workers. Instead of searching for a life partner at parties, try volunteering for a worthy cause. You may also feel trapped by circumstances into making a commitment that neither of you was really ready to make. Something about spring turns thoughts to love and romance.

In ancient Israel everything human came to expression in words: reverence, gratitude, anger, sorrow, suffering, trust, friendship, commitment, loyalty, hope, wisdom, moral outrage, repentance.

The Bible speaks of both wisdom and love as gifts of God, to be received with gratitude and celebration.May this be your experience as Scripture marked (NIV) taken from the Holy Bible, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. This summary of the book of Song of Solomon provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the Book of Song of Solomon.Indeed, in the Song the faithful Israelite could ascertain how to live lovingly within the theocratic arrangement.Such marital love is designed by the Creator-King to come to natural expression within his realm.

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Make sure to spend time together when you can devote all of your attention to each other. Recognize that any relationship is not between two people but between two families. If the families are not on board at the beginning of the relationship, don't expect things to miraculously change just because YOU love the other person.

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