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There’s only one problem: I also remember her wearing a lot less clothing than this.As a concerned fan, I think we need to stage an intervention stat. So I’ve done a lot of careful studying of these pictures of .Factor in that she’s single again, and that nobody cares enough about something called “the 17th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards” to break out their best push-up dress, carry the one… » view all 11 photos is single, it looks like she’s getting back to her old sexy ways. So after seeing these pictures of my former #1 favorite leggy hottie out shopping with her mom, I’m pulling for a major hotness comeback from Stacy. But it’s never too late for us to turn things around, and these pictures are definitely a step in the right direction.And these Daisy Dukes are a good start, but if she really wants to get serious about this, she needs to start showing off these legs of hers on a daily basis again. All I need now is for Stacy to get divorced and send a few weeks worth of bikini pictures to my inbox. » view all 13 photos making an appearance with her husband and as you can see he’s vertically challenged.

I didn’t know they made push-up bras that could make a flat girl’s boobs look this big, but whoever designed it, job well done!

Unfortunately, it looks like I was wrong, but still, if Stacy’s back doing lame promos like this, it can’t be too far off. I know I rag on Stacy Keibler a lot these days for being too classy now that she’s dating that loser George Clooney.

But I guess it’s been long enough that I’m just going to have to start coming to terms with it, and admit that she’s actually looking pretty good here.

If it wasn’t for the leg show, I’d hardly even recognize her anymore.

It’s like I blame that jerk George Clooney, but it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen Stacy Keibler in anything other than workout gear or a classy dress.

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Not because I’ve got some weird fetish for hotties demonstrating proper oral hygiene like you perverts, but because I figured it had to mean that her and Clooney were finally through.

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