Straight thug boys chat line

He never said anything to me before the fuck, but afterwards, he leaned over to kiss the back of my neck and said. I want you to come without him if you can arrange it and we can go next door to the motel for a good fuck. Now get your sweet ass out of here before your dad wonders where you are.

He said as he slipped twenty dollars into my pocket and patted my ass as I left the storage room.

He gave out a gasp as he lay on his back, and I slowly moved up and down on his cock. Yet they always want the woman they are about to marry, to be a virgin. I think it is because they want to break them in to think they are the best fucker in the world.

How else would they know, if they were still virgin?

He thought I was just going to give him a hand job like I had done a few times before, but while he had his eyes closed, I had lubricated my asshole real well and I was going to straddle his body and sit on his hard cock. He was uncircumcised like most European men, with a nice bulb shaped cockhead and a very thick shaft.

I made my first move, straddled his body, and directed his cock head into my well-lubricated ass hole. Once I get me shaft in ye tight rose bud, I could just turn into a wild man. I have never plugged the rose bud of a lad before, yet the desire had crossed me mind. I think it was that sexy shaved baldhead, and that big bulge he projected, even in his tight coveralls that got them horny for him.

My sperm shot out of my dick, ran down the side and onto the floor.

I often wondered if anyone ever noticed the cum stains on the oilcan and on the floor. Your dads truck is probably fixed by now, but I told his mechanic to tell him he should bring it back in again next week for an oil change.

He was hairier than most of the boys/men I had messed around with. His body hair was mainly on his chest and down to his cock, but the formation and length on him was so perfect. He was a romantic, even as we sucked in every place, and in every position we could think of. Now we got serious as he put his hands behind his head and looked into my eyes as I directed his cock slowly into the depths of my rectum. Not since the last time we took our truck into the garage to be fixed. George, the garage mechanic, motioned me to follow him to the back storage room of the garage; he locked the doors, quickly bent me over the 50-gallon oilcan and fucked the hell out of me.

I would sometimes brush it with my hands or the small soft bristle brush he kept in his drawer. There was a short lull of silence, and then Shawn quickly followed with. I like my flowers to be seasoned before I plant my seeds into ye garden. Now we were going to fuck, and he still made it sound romantic. He was so passionate and rough that day, that I knew he hadnt had a piece of ass for some time.

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Now I was ready to take my man Shawn, and I think we were both in for a treat.

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