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She had been marginalized by those who were so focused on having fun that they pushed a dear soul to the sidelines. I know that what my friend was describing is not the norm, and yet I hear over and over again from people who are so tired of "the scene." They are exhausted from the game, from trying to keep up with the Joneses, from trying to stand out in the crowd, from putting themselves out there and trying to "figure it all out" only to realize that none of us have this all figured out.

They crave interaction, and yet they feel that so many of the dances, parties, trips and so forth are chock-full of "empty calories" when it comes to deep meaningful connection.

Their hearts are truly open and they are so often giving of themselves, even while they seek to get their own feet back on the ground.

I'm not judging any girl who looks like that (or doesn't), but I saying that this amazingly-talented, beautiful, bright daughter of God should not have been demoted in the social circle just because she did not meet certain physical requirements.

I know that I may upset some readers, but in my opinion there are three main groups of midsingles out there (socially speaking, not spiritually): 1.

Instead of bonding moments, we have created a world of where the quick buzz of an experiential social Twinkie has become the norm.

Let's be honest: somewhere along the way "midsingles" (at least in Utah) translated to "how in the world do I stand out in the crowd of hundreds, no, thousands? And so we stress about our looks, about our outfits, about our incomes or house size or how many toys are in the garage or what brand our shoes are, etc.

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Could it be that we have adopted a little too much of the "great and spacious building" into our social lives?

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