Totally telephone dating and chat lines

Totally  telephone dating and chat lines

They were really naughty in their personal lives,and Paul's song Why Don't We Do It In The Road on The White Album is a pretty blatant perverted song about having public sex in a road!I think it's funny how it says "She came in through the bathroom window, 'protected' by a silver 'spoon'" it's like she was gonna smack Paul on the noggin, knock him out, steel his clothes and a few things, then probably make out with him and leave. According to Carol Bedford, author of "Waiting for the Beatles: An Apple Scruff's Story", several girls broke into Paul's house using a ladder, and they got in through an upstairs bathroom window.And with this song came the end to the first of the connecting songs. I too love the "Sunday's on the phone to Monday, Tuesday's on the phone to me" and the "Look out! I think the backing vocals are absolutely fantastic as well.A very well crafted song by the genius, Paul Mc disputed what exactly harrison did in this song since most of his stuff was edited and or re mixed by eighter lennon or mccartney, however i have an early bootleg recording of this that i found on the internet and u can clearly hear a fender bandmaster guitar or fender telecaster just like lennon used on the let it be recordings as seen on the let it be movie and a or a telecaster like harrison also used on the let it be recording but lennon and harrison would sub for mccartney on the bass this is undisputed but only on the run thoughs! The next day, Pinder and Thomas recounted the story to Mc Cartney, who - guitar in hand - strummed and sang "She came in through the bathroom window...". Although I suppose it never hurts to this song is hilarious, i heard that the on the phone to, tdays on the phone to me, is about all the neighbours calling each other and ringing him, ha it sounds like pandamonium, makes me laugh every time i hear paul sing it! Jonathan Gould, author of "Can't Buy Me Love", thinks the line about "by the banks of her own lagoon" is a line about Yoko, who had a lake built on the property of Tittenhurst, where she and John lived.I always took the lines "now she sucks her thumb and wanders..the banks of her own lagoon" to mean she is incarcerated somewhere, either a prison or a mental institution. She's a crook and maybe the irony is that she now frequents a bank of a lagoon rather than a bank with money.the bass on the album and on the bootleg is totally difrent i wouldent go as far as to say its a fact that harrison played bass on this since we now know that harrison while playing bass on the let it be sessions was reading sheet music composed by mccartney cause he played the bass on this song in an earlyer run through in the movie so no doubt harrison playing bass on she came in through the bathroom window might be more false than fact! I had an enrichment teacher who crawled in through the window so the principal wouldn't know she was late.

In the 2006 DVD documentary The Classic Artists Series: The Moody Blues (DVD UK, released October 2006), Mike Pinder, the former keyboard player of The Moody Blues, states that the inspiration for the song actually rests with an incident that happened to them - a groupie climbing into an open bathroom window in the bands' home and spending the night with band member Ray Thomas.We were getting each other off until she told me to put it in her pussy. I fucked her so good my sisters friend wants to do this more often. Naughty America original site Seduced by a Cougar features your sexy neighborhood woman looking to prey on younger men. Watch the hottest porn stars strap on there boots and their hands and mouths dirty! We spotted Kandi hitchhiking and just couldn't pass her up.

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In the book, she notes that "Di" (giving no last name) was the first one into the house, and that it was Di who let the others in. Paul later approached some of the girls he knew and asked for the photographs back, although he told them they could keep the clothes.

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