Validating gridview for rowcount in

Validating gridview for rowcount in

Grid View settings: Enabled View State = false Link Button set as Command Name=Select Selected Index Changed event is not fired which take me to other page. if you have it, then if you click delete, first select and then delete command will be fired, resulting two postbacks. If the data is valid and expected, use the Client Script Manager. Get Post Back Event Reference(My Grid View, "Select$" My Img Button.When I set Enable View State = true, it works fine. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. i am curious if someone posts a solution for this hi. i was also wondering what extra steps/codes necessay it make the clicked item redirect to another page and at the same time extracting its value. Thanks paul your information on the on click it helped me. Grid View Row Event Args) Dim function Name As String 'Note that the gridview name is hard coded, the original code uses the sender object, but I couldn't get it to work 'in concatenating the string function Name = "javascript: Hi Paul, thanks for the solution, but i am getting a problem, for paging enabled in the grid, after i go to next page, i get the same data on the previous ( first ) page ( from dataset ) on clicking on a row on second/next page... Register For Event Validation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation. I am doing something similar in and I have the row click functionality working but realize now instead I need to only do this for an image Button (expand/collapse). Specifically I need to know about the client ID syntax. Client ID, True)) so I am looking for this part: "Select$" My Img Button.Here is the HTML to create a Grid View, I'm displaying a list of people, and the key for each record is the PERSON_ID.Each row will then behave like a link, and when you select one it can drive the behavior of another control(s) on your page, possibly a Details View allowing you to INSERT a complete record to the database.If the data is valid and expected, use the Client Script Manager. Now I have another question I am trying to add a line to an existing gridview I click on a line and would like to add a line under the line I clicked on. I ran across this and some other posts that proposed the same basic approach, however I ended up getting an error message related to Validation being set to true. Please help me with a solution Protected Sub gv Emp_Page Index Changing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Ex, i am trying to do something like this: Dim My Img Button As Image Button My Img Button=CType(My Grid View. Find Control("img Button"), Image Button) My Img Button. Client ID not sure what to put there, if anyone has an idea about this please let me know.Register For Event Validation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation. Thanks Thank you so much guys for all your contribution. but this is work I'm having problems How can you access to the index of the Row that's been selected? (I don't recall the exact wording of it.) As an alternative, I adapted the solution slightly to to hard code the 'javascript:_do Post Back()' into a string using the same variables to create the proper references. Sub grid View_Show List_Row Created(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. thx MC I have the problem when I click on the row on the gridview I get the enablepagevalidation = true error.When the Button is clicked, the total count of the number of rows and the count of the number of all rows except the First (Header) row in HTML Table is determined using j Query.

dont remember but can be used in some other languages not in vbs. Next ' j Next ' i sash - And now it should make sense to Wrap your code in code tags. I did accomplish this process with other web tables where I can get the row/column count but for some reason I can not get the row/column of either web tables.You don't need to do that, I've gone back to my implemention of this and its set to true in both the page and the web.config I have never used this in previous versions of the framework and this example was lifted from a 2.0 project. I'd suggest that you look that the data in your Grid View, and the other controls on your page. If I have a select field visable on the gridview then it works ok when clicked. To String())) End If End Sub Note here that I'm not using a handler for this function.You will probably have data that is upsetting your viewstate. If I remove this it does not and it willnot fire the Selected Index Changed event on the gridview Please can you help You can solve the invalidation problem very easy : Use the select Command Field and set it's visible property to true. If you do this funciton gets called twice every time you click a row - once from the On Row Data Bound property in the gridview, and the other from the handler. The way I understand it is he tricks server into thinking that postback came from the server control.Register For Event Validation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation. Html Text Writer) i'm using visual basic and the codes seems not to work at all. hello paul, i just one question and i hope you could help me because i have been surfing the net for a week and i could not find the answer. For those that are getting the validation issue, I have solved it in my project by adding the following (be sure to replace the "Grid View Control Name" with your own: Protected Overrides Sub Render(By Val writer As System. when my application goes from one page to another based on a selected row in my grid i want ,when i click on the back button, to see the selected already kept selected in the privouse table.

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Then set the Display Style of Both the Item Style and Header Style to none. To get this to work if you are getting the " Event validation is enabled using..... A few things to note with his hack is that if you haven't already, you need to add a link to the stylesheet you are going to use up the top of your aspx page between the The guy who posted (and didn't leave a name) on April 26, 2007 - PM was on the right track. Data Bind() End Sub Having searching for ages, reading countless blogs why the Selected Index Changed event was refusing to trigger on my Grid View - trying several suggestions and failing - finally I found the comment left by cxspan - and it works. im using a master page which includes a search i search an employee i used to show all the employees in gridview and i can select the employee by clikin on gridview i clik on gridview row im creating a session variable of that employee's ID.

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