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Validating vat numbers

Validate GBVat Number("GB 815382335"); // False is Valid = VAT.

Validate GBVat Number("GB 81538233424242"); // False is Valid = VAT.

Old hand, am I right in saying that the code you provided looks at the format only? To be honest, the customs and excise guide book only provided this - it didn't provide any details on what numerical logic constitutes a valid vat number.

rather than the logic of the numbering to constitute a valid VAT number...? So it might well be that there is no numerical logic (that's the way I understood it) or, if there is a logic then it wasn't included in their handbook (or I completely missed it).

To validate them, we use the VIES API which is provided by the EU: Hotjar currently only accepts intra-Community VAT numbers which are successfully validated by VIES.

The first step is a matter of looping through the characters and maintaining a running total of the numeric value multiplied by the index), in pseudo-code: Now, based on your added code fragment, you probably need to handle both types of VAT number, those with 9 digits and those with 12 digits.To validate a UK VAT number manually you can perform the following exercise: Excluding the first 2 letters, list the numbers vertically and multiply each by a value starting with 8 and ending with 2.Then add up all the sums you have and deduct 97 from the sum until the answer is negative.UK Customs and Excise provide a VAT handbook that issues guidelines on what is a valid VAT number for each of the european states - there might be something on their website.Alternatively, if you're not in the UK I imagine your national customs and excise (or equivalent) will have this info. Incidentally,is there any reason why you don't want to do this at the application tier?

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VAT numbers are not randomly or sequentially generated but are based on a formula that can be checked to see if the number is valid.

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