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An element in the array can be read using its serial number: e.g.

What is an array An array is a collection of separate items. You can get access to those items in an array for reading, adapting, replacing, storing.

An array variable is a variable in which you can store those separate items. The array is in the memory of the computer; that improves the speed to access it.

Working with arrays 6.0 Excel function Index 6.0.1 Read 1 value 6.0.2 Read 1 row 6.0.3 Read 1 column 6.0.4 Read several rows/columns All data Filter 'rows' / 'records' Filter 'columns' Filter 'rows' / 'records' in different order Filter columns in different order 6.1 Resize an array 6.1.1 1-dimensional array 6.1.2 multi-dimensional array 6.1.3 1-dimensional: keep data 6.1.4 2-dimensional: keep data 6.2 Item occurrence 6.2.1 1-dimensional array Excel function 'Match' Excel formula 'Find' VBA method 'filter' Loop by index number Loop by element 6.2.2 2-dimensional array A loop Excel function 'Match' Excel-object 'Names' 6.3 Item position 6.3.1 1-dimensional array Excel function 'match' VBA 6.3.2 2-dimensional array A loop 'Name' in Excel 6.4 Copy item 6.4.1 1-dimensional array VBA: join and split 6.4.2 2-dimensional array Excel function 'Index' 6.5 Filter items 6.5.1 1-dimensional array VBA method 'filter' 6.5.2 2-dimensional array Excel function Index 6.6 Filter 'rows'/'records' 6.6.1 Excel function Index 6.7 Filter columns 6.7.1 Excel function Index 6.8 Delete items 6.8.1 1 item by index number 1-dimensional array VBA: Filter Active X control 6.8.2 2-dimensional array Active X-control 6.8.3 1 item by content 1-dimensional array VBA: Filter Active X 6.8.4 Several items by content 1-dimensional array VBA: Filter 6.9 Delete 'columns' 6.10 Delete 'rows' 6.11 Sorting items 6.11.1 1-dimensional array Arraylist Sortedlist ADODB Excel worksheet 6.11.2 2-dimensional array Arraylist Sortedlist ADODB Excel worksheet 6.12 Insert empty rows 6.13 Join Arrays 6.13.1 1-dimensional array VBA: Join & Split VBA: Redim Excel worksheet 6.13.2 2-dimensional array Excel worksheet Dictionary 6.14 Convert arrays 6.14.1 1 to 2-dimensional 'Transpose' Active X-control Dictionary 6.14.2 2 to 1-dimensional Convert a 'row' 'Index' 'Transpose' Convert a 'Column' 'Transpose' 'Index' 6.15 Convert to string 6.15.1 1-dimensional array VBA: join 6.15.2 2-dimensional array A loop 'Index' Clipboard 'Name' in Excel 6.16 Arrays and Excel formulae 6.16.1 Writing conventions Error handling Use as array formulae 6.16.2 Speed 6.16.3 Excel formulae: inventory 6.17 Find and Replace in an array 6.17.1 Excel formula 'Substitute' 1.

4 Array properties 4.1 The lower limit: Lbound The default lower limit of an array is 0.

Although it might seem counter intuitive mathematically speaking it's the most logical value. The first element - in a 1-dimensional array: a_sn(0), - in a 2-dimensional array: a_sn(0,0) - in a 3-dimensional array: a_sn(0,0,0).

In multi-dimensional arrays you have to specify the dimension you want its upper limit to be shown The upper limit - of the first dimension: Ubound(a_sn,1) of Ubound(a_sn) - of the second dimension: Ubound(a_sn,2) - of the third dimension: Ubound(a_sn,3) The first dimension with lower limit 0 contains Ubound(a_sn,1) 1 (of Ubound(a_sn) 1) elements The second dimension with lower limit 0 contains Ubound(a_sn,2) 1 elements The third dimension with lower limit 0 contains Ubound(a_sn,3) 1 elements 4.3 The array type: Vartype Vartype shows whether a variable is an array or contains an array, and if so what kind of items it holds. Vartype is the sum of the Vartype of an array (8192) and the Vartype of its content type.

De Vartype-numbers of the distinct content types; for a normal variabele and after () for an array variable.

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