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there was an article in a recent magazine that pointed this out, that hundreds of gods once had worshippers who made fantastic claims about them, and just because a god no longer has any worshippers doesn’t disprove any of those claims.i find saying “gods” irks believers more than saying “god, she”.Invoking Allah, Ahura Mazda, Aten, or the Highest God of Syria of late antiquity is far more logically relevant.But in that case, Christians have the opportunity to merely say that those others are misinformed about God; Christians (at least, informed ones) don’t actually disbelieve in Allah, but only believe different things about him.(Just as they’d consider all these other gods to be obviously fake or false).If I were to get into an discussion with someone who was apolitical, and ask them how they could have absolutely no interest in how the country is being run, their pointing out that I also reject all political philosophies except the one I hold wouldn’t strike me as a a particularly persuasive argument.

Choosing partners is irrational and does not commit one to believing that the person they’ve picked is objectively superior to anyone else’s partner.

When they realise that their beliefs clash with other people’s beliefs they try to defend their own religion against other religions.

But the exercise is futile unless there are agreed criteria for choosing one religion over another like there are in choosing one scientific theory over another.

Anyway, here’s a handy comparison between the gods Christians deny and the gods atheists deny. Let us celebrate our vast agreement on the non-existence of thousands of gods!

I don’t think they’re baffled because Yahweh is a god – but rather because they consider his existence to be obvious.

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