When did harry and ginny start dating

Yet, even though he was now fourteen, he was not allowed to decide where he was to live.

For some reason that Harry did not understand, he had to follow the Headmaster's wishes in this, as if the Headmaster were Harry's guardian, which he did not think the old wizard was.

"Besides I never liked him that much anyway." gives us the Trope Namer, Ron Weasley.

not after how much he misbehaved in school especially with YOU Enoby." he said while he frowned looking at me.

And sometimes the author just wants to experiment with an Alternate Universe.

What if Harry's rebelliousness started a year earlier, because Dumbledore wouldn't let him go stay with Sirius in the summers?

Weasley to come get him so he could go join the Weasleys for the rest of the summer.

The next few minutes of conversation between Arthur Weasley and Vernon Dursley amused Harry greatly.

Ron is Overshadowed by Awesome, first by growing up with several talented older brothers, then by hanging around with The Chosen One Harry and Teen Genius Hermione, the latter of whom he ends up with.

In canon, he has many opportunities to become The Resenter, but he overcomes this and remains loyal to his friends.

Fanon, however, likes to think he'd go off the deep end and betray them.

Sometimes this is just because he's in the way of a preferred ship; other times he's Flanderized into such a Butt-Monkey that the writer thinks he has no redeeming features.

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Harry was sure Albus Dumbledore did want Harry around, but he was not sure why the Headmaster did, or why he got special treatment sometimes.

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