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Red dots indicate collection sites for samples used in this study. fulva in the United States is most likely to be more widespread. This species has been reported to be relatively to be relatively common in southern Florida in the 1950’s –1970’s, where it was also most recently found in 1994 (M. fulva is native to South America, probably southern South America (the type locality is in Brazil).

DOI:10.1371/0045314.g001 Given the uncertainty of workerbased identifications of N. pubens most publications that involve either of these species are suspect; they may not involve the species listed in the publication, including the possibility that they are neither N. pubens and are an entirely different Nylanderia species. Like other notorious invasive ants, e.g., Solenopsis invicta or Linepithema humile, it is possible that N.

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Please see Nylanderia fulva for further details The following text and map are from Gotzek et al. References that were indicated but removed from the text are stated in the original publication: There has been widespread misidentification of Nylanderia fulva. This would not be surprising, since the distribution is solely based on worker identifications (D. pubens to become a pest, then the population explosions attributed to N.

Within museum collections, misidentifications are common given the morphological similarities of the workers within the genus overall, as well as because of uncertainties regarding species boundaries. fulva, we hypothesize that most or even all alleged occurrences of N. pubens that plagued the Caribbean from 19th century Bermuda to the recent outbreak on St. Nylanderia fulva is known to be an invasive ant, most recently from Colombia where an outbreak occurred after this species was apparently introduced to control leafcutter ants and venomous snakes. fulva and should be expected in all inhabited areas, at least in the putative invasive part of its range. fulva in the United States is still patchy, but the pattern suggests that it will be able to invade the entire Gulf Coast, if it has not already done so.

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